12 things to do when the weight of the world is too heavy

This time has been hard for all of us. Between the lack of social interaction, inconsistent schedules, and well just the idea of a pandemic, in general, can all weigh you down. We want you to know that your feelings are justified and we understand. So, today on the blog we are sharing 12 things to do when the weight of the world is too heavy. Because, well, there is so much positivity to focus on that is all around you every day.

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Meditate taking long slow deep breathes. One of our favorite people in the mental health space to look to for guidance on how to feel connected to ourselves and more centered is Alaine Portner! If you’re new to meditation, this could even be the perfect time to get into this practice with a group of close friends. While we have all been in isolation and removed from social gatherings, Pause + Purpose has created a beautiful space virtually for groups to meet once a week to examine topics such as gratitude, freedom, acceptance, love, and transition. These sessions are set in motion by leading wellness & meditation experts through guided meditation, readings, and discussions.


Go for a walk outside and feel the breeze on your face, or better yet get your body moving. Go for a run, or do a quick at-home workout. We love the Tone It Up app, the workout instructors are so inspiring and we always feel much better after one of their sessions.


Go to the beach and put your feet in the sand. If you don’t live near the beach then go to a park and walk barefoot on the grass. Being barefoot in nature helps you feel calm and connected to the Earth.

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Cook or bake something that makes you happy. Food for your soul is definitely a thing, and boy we love baking and cooking.


Watch videos of puppies on your favorite social media channels. Or if kittens are your thing then go that root, we promise you won’t regret it.


Start a new hobby like weaving, embroidery, or painting. Putting your phone down and your hands to use will calm your central nervous system and make you feel more relaxed!


Read a book that inspires you. You can find some of our favorite suggestions here.


Complete a coloring page that motivates you to get your girl boss on. Our favorite coloring page on the web right now is this one we made from one of our favorite office shots!

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Get completely ready, we are talking about makeup, hair, the full routine. Put your favorite outfit on, shoes and all. We are always amazed at how much better we feel when we are in our favorite clothes and get all dressed up just for US.


Call your mom or someone that lifts you up and talk to them about anything, but you. Hear how they are doing and offer them advice to shift your own focus off of whatever you are thinking about.


Buy yourself something pretty. We love to pick up flowers on our weekly Trader Joe’s grocery runs. Oh, and why you are at it, pick something up for a family member that you know will bring them joy. When their face lights up, we know yours will too!


Give back to your community by volunteering or donating to small businesses. With the current COVID-19 situation we love ordering from small businesses from food delivery services.

Did this article giving ideas of what to do when the weight of the world is too heavy help you?! Let us know in the comments below!! 

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