Surprise Snowy Wedding Proposal

We’re suckers for proposals here at Inspired by This. It never fails, everytime we look at pictures or watch a video of a proposal, one of us ends up in tears. There’s something so heartwarming about capturing such a special moment in two people’s lives, especially when one person doesn’t know what’s coming!

Maggie planned to have a love shoot with Cassandra Eldridge to document Valentine’s Day with her beau Nate. Little did she know, Nate and Cassandra were secretly communicating about what the shoot would really be – his proposal.

Lindsey from KCreative Studio brought in a few fun props in honor of Nate and Maggie’s love of travel. Nate and Cassandra had discussed beforehand what their secret signal for the question popping would be… when Nate said “It’s really nice out here,” that was his message that it was time. When he uttered those words, Cassandra sent Lindsey to fix Maggie’s hair while Cassandra snuck the ring into Nate’s hands. Nate took a knee to propose marriage and a very surprised Maggie gave a heartfelt yes. Their love shoot quickly became an engagement shoot!

And just like that, we’re in tears. It doesn’t take much – just a couple in love, a bended knee with a ring, and a “yes”. We dare you to scroll through the pictures below without shedding a tear.

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