My Outdoorsy Playroom and Boys bedroom

Hi all! Leila, founder of Inspired By This here!! I have been giddy with anticipation to share with you a series of makeovers in my own home! I recently moved and had no furniture to put in each of the kids’ bedrooms. Naturally, I worried about how I would start this overwhelming process… until I found Target’s Pillowfort collection. And – oh my gosh – they have everything you could ever need.

Today, we’re sharing the first of three rooms – an outdoorsy playroom perfect for boys. This is actually my middle boy’s room, but what is unique about it is how I set it up so that all three kids could sleep in here together as often as they’d like. It is also the play room for all the kids to enjoy. The bunk bed is one of the best parts of the room. It is a twin up top and a full bed below and easily converts into two stand alone beds as the kids grow. I had the incredible interior designer Natalie Warady help me create a room that would be fun for my kids but also functional for them as they get older.

This room started out with black and white accents but then we added playful pops of green in the lamp, leaf garland, pillowsand the faux fig fiddle leaf. All from Target!! The moon artwork, by the way, was totally Natalie’s pick and it’s one of my kids’ favorite parts of the room. It glows in the dark and each night they ask to read under the moon in the teepee. I mean come on, how cute is that?!

The tree stump here.. is a must!! It serves as a sturdy stool for parents to sit and watch their kids play and I also like to read books to them on it.

OK, this book shelf is so cool if you are designing an outdoor/woodsy themed kids room. Natalie found these soft fabric wood patterned bins to put all the kids’ toys in. We have 6 of the bins and they are big enough to put diapers, wipes, and all the things you want to store away so that the room is not totally cluttered with toys. Yes, please!

The cloud shelves I found at Target and I just had to have them. One underneath the bunk bed and one over the play table. Each night, my son goes to these shelves and picks out what book he wants us to read that night. You need these shelves. Trust me!!

The cloud sheets inspired the design of the whole room and are still one of my favorite Pillowfort items. I have gold heart sheets in my daughter’s room too (which I will share soon). Basically, I haven’t ever seen cuter kids’ sheets anywhere! So, if you are looking to get new bedding, you will be totally in love and inspired on Target’s website.

My favorite highlights of this part of the room include the light up Pillowfort signs and this amazing white and wood dresser. Plus, I love my tree decals. I wasn’t sure about doing the decals at first but Natalie Warady told me to try it and to trust her. Hello??? It absolutely MADE the room. (Thank you, Natalie, I’m obsessed!!) Target sells these books of decals with all sorts of themes. We only used the trees here, but there are so many other cute options to choose from.

The Pillowfort blanket and coordinating pillows are the best when you want soft and comfortable, but durable options for your kids. How cute are the black and white mix & match patterns we used from the curtains and throw pillows to the tree blanket (up above) and toy basket?

You can also read more about my inspiration for this room (and get a sneak peek at the other two rooms) on Thank you to Target for partnering with me on this. It’s been a dream come true.

Stay tuned for my other son’s nursery and my daughter’s bedroom coming soon!!    

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