DIY Personalized Organizing Boxes

Was one of your New Year’s resolutions to get more organized?  Well seeing as it’s almost March, we should probably get started on that!  Don’t worry though, we have a solution!  Today we’re making these super cute, personalized organizing boxes that would be perfect for all of that junk you have floating around (it’s ok…we have it too).  They would be perfect for office storage, kitchen recipes, or even a kids playroom for those pesky little legos or small action figures!  Lupa and Pepi has broken it down for you starting with a tool list below:


Plain Box
Straight Edge/Ruler
Paint Brush with Small Flat Bristles
Glue Brush
Xacto Knife
Bone Folder
Cutting Mat
Bookbinder’s Glue*
Washi Tape (optional)

*The best glue to use is PVA mixed with Methyl Cellulose to extend the drying time (i.e. give you a little more time to line up the paper just right!!). The mixture should be approx. 60% PVA and 40% Methyl Cellulose.



Use the lid of the box to create a template on the reverse side of decorative paper. Trace around the largest side first then flip the box onto its side and trace each of the 4 sides.



Your finished template should look something like this. If you’re not using washi tape to line the edges of the box, be sure to add tabs (seen here on the top and bottom flaps of my template) to wrap around the corners of the box. Repeat steps 1 & 2 with the bottom of the box.



Using an Xacto knife and a straight edge, cut out the templates you drew for the top and bottom of your box.



Apply a thin, even layer of glue to the top of the box. Note: Don’t place glue on the sides yet, just the top!



Carefully place the paper you cut out (with the pencil marks side facing down!!) onto the lid of the box. Be sure to line up the template as precisely as you can. Using your fingers or a bone folder, carefully smooth out any air pockets moving from the center of the box to the edges.



Flip the lid of the box over and brush glue along one of the flaps (with tabs if you chose to make tabs).



Fold the flap with glue and adhere it to the box. Use your fingers and/or a bone folder to lightly press any air pockets out and to wrap the tab around the edge. Repeat steps 6 and 7 with the side opposite the one you just glued and then the remaining two sides.



Cut the washi tape the length of one side of the lid and place it so that half of the width of the washi tape is on the top of the box.



At the corners, allow the tape to fold over the edge and then push in the sides — similar to wrapping a gift. Push the length of the tape down over the edge of the box. Repeat with each edge of the lid of the box.



I like to use the bookbinder’s glue to firmly adhere the washi tape to the bottom edge of the box lid. Not only does this help finish off the box but it firmly adheres the tape to an area that will get a bit of wear. Repeat steps 4 though 10 with the bottom of the box.


Good luck!  Show us your versions by tagging us on Instagram @inspiredbythisblog and hashtagging #IBTdiy!



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