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Jan 04, 2013

Whimsical Enchanting Cape Cod Forest Wedding

Amelie and Jason met through their love and passion for books, poetry and writing. Jason invited Amelie to an event out of curiosity after receiving some of her poetry submissions to his poetry magazine, and the rest was history! We love that they kept with their love of books by making it the theme of their wedding, which was planned and coordinated by one of our favorites, Desiree Spinner!!

We loved helping to get this wedding featured in Destination Weddings and Honeymoons… it’s full of rustic and country charm! The backdrop of the Overbrook House in Buzzards Bay, MA was simply stunning… it definitely offered that creative vibe they were aiming for! Wait until you see the whimsical reception with lush flowers by Petal Floral Design!!

Amazing photos by Dreamlove Wedding Photography!

Be Prepared to Be Inspired…

Boots + bouquets! Pretty peonies, garden roses, ranunculuses and astilbe!

Super cute flower crown!

Red cowboy boots Amelie wore during the reception!

Amelie used hand-dyed coffee filters and fishing line to make these cute garlands!

How cute are these seating card holders? Vintage library cards were fixed to this board and kept with their book theme!

We love that each table was named after Amelie and Jason’s favorite novels!

Adorable how-to card on how to properly eat lobsters! Too cute!!

A peek inside the Destination Weddings & Honeymoons feature!


  • weddingPR

    Whimsical forest wedding by @DesireeSpinner @petal_floral @dreamlovephoto on the blog, as featured in @destweddingmag!

  • MerryMinisters

    RT @weddingPR Whimsical forest wedding by @DesireeSpinner @petal_floral @dreamlovephoto on the blog, as featured in @destweddingmag!

  • DesireeSpinner

    Check out mu gorgeous clients on @weddingpr with @petal_floral and @NECRentals !!!

  • NECRentals

    @DesireeSpinner @weddingPR @petal_floral absolutely beautiful work! Look forward to seeing it in print as well.

  • Artisan Bake Shop

    Loved creating the desserts for this wedding @Artisan Bake Shop with @DesireeSpinner and @Dream Love Photo!

  • weddingPR A rainbow of bow ties in this wedding on the blog… we’re obsessed!!

  • hesterparks

    This book themed wedding on @weddingPR is so unique! Amazing + whimsical vibe!…

  • Heather S.

    Cute!! Love the wedding reception!!

  • Jane

    Love the library card seating organization!! Too cute!

  • Macie T.

    The bride looks stunning!! Love her flower crown!

  • Shannon

    This was a beautiful wedding and the couple was so obviously smitten with each other. Perfection.

    • Inspired by This

      We love this wedding!! They are so cute together :)

  • Jessica Thompson

    Very pretty!! Clever lobster cards 😉

  • weddingPR Pretty crimson flower crown on the blog! Learn how to create your own here:

  • Lisa R.

    Looks like this was such a fun wedding!!

  • Catherine

    Where can I buy this magazine?

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