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Nov 06, 2009

Inspired by These Sparkles, Baubles and Gems

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, and on Valentine’s Day and always, we women love diamonds. Diamonds are not only a girl’s best friend and timeless, they are also responsible for setting into motion millions and millions of weddings. Just think all of the planning madness, the parties and the shared life together that are launched by one diamond ring! So today I thought that I would highlight the diamond in all of its splendor. Not all of the “diamonds” below are real but they are all really pretty. I love the way that they are incorporated into so many facets of the weddings, after all they are what started it. The best way to add some bling to your day is to do it subtly. Use crystals and gems for one thing not everything.  A little glitz goes a long way! Check out the beautiful diamonds, sparkles, baubles and gems you can rent from Adorn Brides for your wedding and the lucky girl who won her dream wedding full of gems.

wa101255_spr05_dmnd1_xlDress by Randi Rham, found on Martha Stewart

Belts by Dream Catcher Studios

Collage made on Polyvore

Collage made on Polyvore



697Photos by Meghan Aileen

Diamonds-1Photo by Jessica Strickland

Photo by Jennifer Driscoll

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