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Feb 26, 2015

DIY Table Numbers with Crushed Glass

Add some sparkle to your centerpiece with these DIY table numbers made with crushed glass! We had a lot of fun crafting these cute numbers and dreaming up places we could use them! In gold and silver, they are neutral enough for so many different parties and glitzy enough for a wedding! In three simple steps you can have a special way to signify a table with these numbers – just add flowers, candles, and spray painted wine bottles (if you’re up for another DIY) to create the perfect centerpiece! Be sure to see these over on Momtastic too!

What You Need:

Crushed glass – I found mine at Afloral!

Wooden numbers (large enough to act as part of your centerpiece)

Mod Podge

DIY Table Numbers with Crushed Glass


Step 1: Mix the colors of crushed glass you want to use—I chose metallic gold and silver!


DIY Table Numbers with Crushed Glass


Step 2: Spread Mod Podge onto the table numbers using a paintbrush.


DIY Table Numbers with Crushed Glass


Step 3: Pour the crushed glass over the Mod-Podged table numbers and arrange so that the number is covered. Then, let dry. If pieces aren’t sticking you can add a little more Mod Podge and stick them on by hand!


DIY Table Numbers with Crushed Glass


Let dry, and voila! Set them up on a little easel or against another centerpiece element. These will add some sparkle to your tables (especially lit up by candlelight!).


DIY Table Numbers with Crushed Glass


  • Caroline

    Definitely going to use this idea for my wedding! So cute and easy!

  • Danielle

    These are so fun! My 21st birthday is coming up and I haven’t been able to figure out how I want to do my tables! Definitely going to make these!

  • Rita

    How cool! Love this idea! Makes those wood table numbers so much more interesting!

  • Cali

    Oh wow, these are different!

  • Michelle

    Wow these look so expensive, but they’re so easy to make! Love the metallic rocks!

  • Tara

    I want these as an address display! love!

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