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Mar 31, 2017

5 Things to Get Your Child Over A Cold ASAP

No matter how hard we try to keep our kids from germs, it’s inevitable they’re going to get the common cold. And while it can ultimately be a good thing (building their immune systems and all) it is a struggle when you’re in the midst of it. We’ve learned a few tricks for helping our kids cope -and let’s be real, us too- when they’re under the weather. While we of course are not doctors (and you should always seek professional medical advice!), we are sharing some of our best mom-to-mom, parent-to-parent tips for what to do when your kids have a cold –

Essential Oils

Depending on the age of the sick kiddo, we decide which set of oils will work best. We diffuse Cardamom, Lime, and Lavender and Frankincense for babies under 1 year old. We will also diffuse ‘Breathe’ oil at night when the kids have colds or use a ‘Breathe’ chest rub on the little toddlers to ease congestion and cough.

For further immune system support, you can dilute arborvitae or frankincense and roll them on the bottom of your child’s feet.

If you need help with how much oil to use in your diffuser, where to purchase pure oils (because most are made with harmful fillers) and tips for diluting them in roller bottles, email


If your kiddo is dealing with congestion, cough or stuffiness then a humidifier is a lifesaver. We love the idea of steaming up the bathroom in the morning to help clear gunk out, but we’ve found running the humidifier in their room all night helps too. We love Crane’s line of kid-friendly humidifiers – the elephant and polar bear are our favorites!


When we first saw this we were a little, shall we say, nervous… Sucking gunk from your kid’s nose with your mouth?! Once we were assured (multiple times) it was nearly impossible to swallow it, we gave it a shot and have never once thought about returning to the bulb suckers. This is the first thing we reach for when the sniffles start.

Umka Cold Care

We love this syrup for older kids (recommended ages 6+). Like traditional cold medicines, it helps suppress their symptoms… but it also goes a step further in actually helping aid the body to fight off the germs and shortening the duration of their sickness.

Immune System Support

Finally, once our kids have made it through being sick, we find ourselves completely dedicated to making sure they never get sick again. We use a combination of Samucca Elderberry gummies, and Garden of Life Kids Raw Probiotic. These vitamins are great to take daily to help boost and strengthen your kids’ immune system!

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