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Jan 31, 2020

Gift Guide for every stage of your relationship

In case you haven’t noticed, at IBT we definitely love… Love! So when it comes to Valentine’s season, we are ready to celebrate every stage of your relationship! We have our Cupid’s arrows in a row, but you may not just yet, and that’s okay! Whether you’re giving something to your best gal or to a romantic partner, the right gift can mean so much. However, it can be difficult to find the perfect gift, especially depending on the relationship you have with your Valentine. That’s why we developed a gift guide for every stage of your relationship. So delete that draft you have asking your group text for gifting advice and check out our recommendations!
every stage of your relationship

For the couple that just started dating

FOR HIM: Buck Mason T-Shirts or Airsnap Air Pod Case

Out of every stage of your relationship, this one definitely has the trickiest Valentine’s to navigate. Hear us out here, you want him to think about you when he uses his gift and you want it to seem thoughtful. You can achieve both of these with a classic tee or cool Air Pod case!

You can achieve all of these goals with a classic solid tee “that I thought you’d look so good in!” Additionally, he will inevitably end up wearing it about twice a week because boys roll that way.

If you get him the Air Pods case? “Omg, you noticed how much I love my Air Pods?” (Everyone loves their Air Pods.) Every time he is moving and groovin’ and takes his AirPods out of his case, he can think back on the fond memories of your first Valentine’s Day together. Ah, the romance!

FOR HER: Mini Polaroid Camera or Casely Phone Case

Don’t you worry fellas, we also recognize the gravity a Valentine’s with a new partner holds for you too! But, there’s no need to fear as we have not one, but two fantastic recommendations for you!

Girls love Polaroids. We don’t know the exact science behind this, but it’s there. Get your gal a mini Polaroid camera for Valentine’s Day and she will squeal with delight because it’s mini and adorable, but also because the potential for cute pictures together skyrockets. All Polaroid photos look great, it’s also science, and so the two of you can capture endless precious, artistic memories together through every stage of your relationship.

If you have no clue what your gal loves other than Instagram, we’re here for you still. You truly cannot go wrong with a Casely phone case. She will use it absolutely all the time. There are a lot of options to pick from, but they’re all adorable so you can’t lose. Throw in the line of “this pattern/color really made me think of you,” and wow! You’re slaying the Valentine’s game!

Image via @away

For the couple that has been together for a year

FOR HIM: Away Suitcase

Okay, so the two of you are fairly secure in your relationship now, and you are ready for the next step. That’s right, you’re ready to start traveling together. On your exotic vacations together, you don’t want him clunking around in the airport with that half-broken suitcase he’s had since high school. In swoops an Away suitcase. They’re just as fashionable as they are practical! You’ll give it to him, and his mind will wander to all the places he can take it, and you!

FOR HER: Personality Star Maps

You’ve been together for a hot minute now, so the two of you know each other fairly well. You’ve got to give her something with thought behind it, something personalized. So, we found you a gift to give that is personal, romantic and oh-so-cool, all at once!

Get her a star map of the night you met, the night of your first date, the night of your first “I love you,” etc. Regardless of the night, it will take her right back to that special time and place. An added bonus is that it will look incredibly chic on her wall, where she can show it off to all her friends who can wish they had a boyfriend like you. Be that boyfriend. Make her friends want to date a guy like you.

Image via @the.wheeler.house

For the couple that lives together

FOR HIM: Bar Set

The best gifts to give are gifts that benefit both of you. Even if he’s a strictly beer-only type of guy, he’ll broaden his tastes to include some fun cocktails with this cool bar set. He’ll feel like a pro, and the matte black color makes this sleek option pretty enough to stay out on the counter instead of hidden in a drawer! Suddenly, he’s impressing everyone at the next dinner party with his newly discovered bartending skills, and you get to come to a perfectly shaken Paloma. This is what we call in the industry a “win-win.”

FOR HER: Face Mask Set

There is absolutely no gift on this earth to give as precious as the gift of soft, glowing skin. Okay, so maybe that is a little bit dramatic, but we can assure that everyone is a little bit happier when they are feeling good in their skin, literally! Give her a face mask set to encourage the self-care she so desperately needs.

After a long day at work, she’ll appreciate coming home to you and a luxurious face mask for a relaxing night! Pair this gift with a home-cooked dinner and you’ve got the ultimate best-gift-ever potential! Make sure to tell her how much she is glowing after she uses them and you’ll be swimming in a sea of brownie points!

Image via @skin.sundae

For the couple that are newly married / engaged

FOR HIM: YETI Rambler Wine Glasses

We’re here to keep things boozy for every stage of your relationship. Whether you’re newly married or newly engaged, you both probably need time to relax and just connect with each other amidst all of the hustle! These adorable wine glasses give you both the perfect excuse to do that!

They’re subtle, so you can sneak them in on your movie date. They’re sturdy, so you can tote them along for a glass on the go during your next outdoor adventure. He can show them off with #nofilter on Instagram with a beautiful lake or mountain backdrop, and you can have a cozy wine blanket for when the two of you are sleeping under the stars.!

FOR HER: Mrs. & Mrs. Doormat

We love a personalized gift, and this custom doormat is so fun, especially if your wife is taking your last name! It will be the perfect addition to your newlywed home! You’ll be getting a lot of new additions to your newlywed home from your registry, but it really says something when you make sure to add something that comes from you and from the heart.

There is absolutely nothing cuter than happily someone showing off their spouse. Give her this mat, and you’ll be showing her how proud you are to love her and have her as your wife.

At the end of the Valentine’s Day, for every stage of your relationship, it’s about showing that you love loving your special person (even if you haven’t thrown the “love” word around yet). Keep that in mind, and we are sure that you will have a wonderful Valentine’s Day. Happy gifting!

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