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Apr 25, 2018

The Must Have App for Event Planners

Event planners are notoriously organized – and with all the vendors, tasks, budgets, and timelines they manage, they have to be! As an event planner herself, Erica of Infinite Events knows this full well. So, she decided to make event coordinators/designers/managers and the like’s lives easier with a handy dandy app! If you’re constantly searching for important documents, navigating email chains like its your main job, or juggling multiple clients at once, Myplannr will be your new BFF. And thankfully, it will always be right where you want it – on your phone. The must have app for event planners is the modern equivalent to J.Lo’s belt of tricks in The Wedding Planner. Below we share some of our favorite features and what we find most helpful about it!

The Digital Binder

MyPlannr allows event professionals to digitize the long standing tradition of having a binder for each client and/or event. Instead of carrying and keeping tabs on a a hefty binder wherever you go, all documents and information are not only in one place, but also fit into your pocket. This feature alone gives you one less thing to worry about! The chance of you losing any important papers, misplacing important details, or forgetting the binder all together is diminished to none. And on the day-of, when you are running back and forth, and dealing with last minute changes or issues, who needs to worry where they placed the bridal party lineup or the set list?


The app isn’t just helpful for the pros though. MyPlannr makes communicating with both clients and team members seamless. With the ability to instantly notify all involved parties of changes, everybody stays in the loop. And although you can invite anyone to be a part of the binder, you decide who sees what documents and projects. This way, you can keep tabs on privacy with the client and tasks between the team. In addition to notifications, you can also chat within the app with any and all users associated with that specific binder.

Ease of Use

Beyond being able to easily organize event information and communicate, MyPlannr features plenty of helpful features that make it super straight forward. Not only can you integrate the app with Google Drive and Dropbox, but you can also upload documents in multiple file formats. Once documents are placed in a binder, you can give full, partial, or view only access to users, zoom when necessary, and download to use when you may be without service. We love that you can use the app in offline mode, because you never know when a venue will lack wifi or service.

Can you believe this is the only application out there to assist wedding & event professionals? Sure, there are plenty to help brides navigate the planning process, but this is the first of its kind for the people managing the event from start to finish! Download the app for iOS to take your event capabilities one step further and thank us later! 😉


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