How to Prioritize Rest This Holiday Season

2020 has clearly been the weirdest year of our lives. Imagine telling yourself a year ago that you would be sheltered in place, only really leaving your house for groceries, constantly wearing a mask, & working/studying from home. The holidays, which tend to be stressful for some, is also a change in this odd year. In a season which is supposed to bring rest but often times brings stress with in-laws, family dynamics, & relational ties, this season is different. And honestly, the perfect time to implement & prioritize rest. We are giving you 5 tips on how to prioritize rest this holiday season.

.01 – Clear your Calendar

Normally, we hustle & bustle during the holidays, filling our days with family, food, & shopping. This year, try something new. Do nothing. Yes, we’ve all been staying at home & “doing nothing” lately, but even though we’re home, we are still doing so much. We are working, exercising, zooming, conference calling, etc. We are not truly resting. So this holiday season, rest.

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.02 – Practice a New Discipline

Whether it is waking up an hour earlier to meditate, not spending money on coffee (rather, make it at home!), or committing to doing 3 workout videos a week, practicing a new discipline is an ironic but great way to achieve rest. You start to realize how strong your mind & body are, which ultimately leads to rest.

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.03 – Commit to no Fast Food for the Rest of the Season

You’ll be shocked at how energized & rested you’ll feel simply by cutting out MSG’s, excess refined sugars, & sodium from fast food. Healthy home-cooked is the way to go!

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.04 – Journaling

It’s a special thing to go through old journals & re-experience the memories, emotions, & difficulties that the season brought. Commit to journaling through your emotions this holiday season. It’ll surely be something to look back on one day!

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.05 – Speak Words of Life Over Yourself

Every day when you look in the mirror, come up with a new mantra. Whether it is, “you are worthy of love,” or “you deserve to rest,” repeat it until you believe it. You are your closest home, & you deserve to feel safe & loved in it.

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