Inspired by Wedding Day Mishaps: Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff!

Wedding day mishaps are almost always bound to happen! No day will be completely perfect and there is no such thing as a flawless wedding. The day may be too hot, too cold, too rainy, too windy, not enough cake, unexpected traffic, too many bugs or the flower girl refuses to go down the aisle! These are the kind of things that are out of a couples’ control, what they can control is their reaction. I’ve seen brides who have spent the whole reception questioning vendors, irritated that the flowers weren’t what she ordered and angry because the cake was the wrong shade of pink. At that time there is not much she can do. Just go with it and let the professionals handle it from there.

Other brides embrace imperfection and have a good time despite it all! I know for me there were a few things that didn’t go exactly as planned on my big day but I chose to put them in the back of my mind and have a great time, it truly was the greatest day of my life! If I had any bit of advice to give brides and future brides out there it would be: Don’t get caught up in the hoopla of throwing the biggest and best bash anyone has ever seen (its too stressful- I would know!!). Your wedding is one day and family is forever!

See some of these things that didn’t go exactly as planned for these couples…

Unexpected rain:

Photo by Jagger Photography

Broken Foot:

Too windy:

She put the ring on the wrong finger:

Photos by Our Labor of Love

Unity candle blunder:

Photo by Kelly Moore

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  1. I photographed a wedding once where the maid of honor accidentally ripped the bride’s veil before the ceremony. While the girls distracted the bride, I quickly took it into another room and repaired it with clear nail polish and saved the bride the stress of knowing what had happened.

    And I can’t even count the number of times I’ve seen a flower girl or ring bearer who wouldn’t walk down the isle (and once a ring bearer who wouldn’t STOP walking up and down the isle!). As long as the bride goes into it with a sense of humor and knows that no matter what happens, they’ll still be nothing short of adorable, everything works out fine. Like you said, “These are the kind of things that are out of a couples’ control, what they can control is their reaction.”

  2. I LOVE this post! I think it’s so annoying when brides freak out about the littlest things… It’s like that saying… The worse the wedding the better the marriage!

  3. On our wedding day, the two funniest minor mishaps were the fact that my husband and I were so distracted by the amazing soloist that we forgot to blow our own candles out when we did the unity candle, and the best one, the point at which the assistants called me while we were headed to the reception (!) to ask me where the toss packets were!

    Like you said, though, both items were out of our control, and not worth stressing over. As it turns out, everybody thought we did the unity candle thing on purpose, and commented on how much they liked the symbolism that while we were making a new family together, we would still be individuals, bringing our own family traditions to the mix. And nobody knew that the toss was supposed to happen when we got to the reception, rather than at the end, which is when we ended up doing it.

    Now looking back, I think the funny mishaps are some of our favorite memories of the day!

  4. This post is so cute! I love brides that have a sense of humor about mishaps… one thing that happened during my wedding was that everyone was freezing!! but once that dj started playing and everyone started dancing it was no big deal!!

  5. On my wedding day I forgot my garter at home, which was more than 45 minutes away, and didn’t realize it until we were about to do the bouquet/garter toss so we just laughed it off and kept on dancing!

  6. I totally agree! Moments like those are the ones that you remember and make it special! A perfect day is overrated!

    We had a curtain catch on fire before the ceremony and a friend stomped it out…we’ll always remember that and laugh about it!

  7. cannot agree more! our wedding went all kinds of wrong, there isn’t enough space here to put it in writing, but it was the funnest and happiest day of our lives!

  8. Thank you for posting about this. I wish all couples would be able to shake off the little mishaps and just go with the flow. They always end up having a better time that way!

    My parents encountered a HUGE snow-storm on the day of their wedding. So bad that my mom was an hour late to the ceremony (and this was in the time before cell phones, so my dad didn’t even know whether she would make it or not!). In the end though, here they are, 30+ years later and it’s just another memory they have of their absolutely fantastic day.

  9. When we got married, the church was really hot and when it was over my hubby and I came walking out first, pouring sweat with funky looks on our faces! It actually made for a great spontaeous picture that I still love today!

  10. Thank you , I soo needed to read this. Not all of my guests got desert and I was really up set about this when I found out and it was eating at me. People need to put things in perspective and let it go. When I left I felt like it was the best day of my life and I enjoyed myself.

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