Stunning Elopement In St. Moritz, Switzerland

We’d take any amount of snowy days if they looked like this! The romance is evident in this stunning elopement in St. Moritz, Switzerland. It was not even as simple as being in a fantastic location; they got to go on a glacier as well! We’re still waiting for our invite…Scroll through this beautiful event, and you’ll be looking for yours as well.

Christine Madeux of Made In The Mountains Photography, shares her take on this beautiful elopement in St. Moritz,

Something I love about elopements is how your day can be adventurous and stylish without skimping on a single detail. Emily and Rob’s elopement combined luxury and quality time outside into something genuinely incredible among the Swiss Alps.

When the pair reached out to me in early autumn, they were ready to get married, and they wanted to do it in Switzerland. It didn’t take long for their day to come together once we decided on heading to the Engadin Region. Since the pair were eloping during the shoulder season, we had a few logistics to work out because many cable cars, mountain passes, hotels, restaurants, and other amenities are closed during November.

Because I’ve spent a decent amount of time hiking, climbing, and exploring the Engadin, we were able to smoothly coordinate the seasonal constraints and put together a breathtaking, private day that would be both epic and chic.


A few days before Emily and Rob’s elopement, the first significant snow fell in St. Moritz, where we planned to make the base. The last of the autumn colors glistened under the picturesque powder. Although only early November, winter had arrived.

On the morning of their elopement, Emily and Rob decided to start the day relaxing and getting ready together in their stunning suite at Hotel Schweizerhof. The view from their room was unbelievable, with panoramic views of the lake and mountains below. This was one of my favorite parts to capture. Their love for each other radiated, and Rob tenderly helped Emily zip into her dress, put on multiple layers of warm stockings, and clasped her jewelry together.

After they wrapped up getting ready, we drove to the Sankt Moritzersee and walked along the lake, basking in the warm sunshine. After taking some portraits, we headed back to their car and prepared to embark up the Bernina Pass, where we would take a cable car up to 3,000 meters and explore the mountain tops.

As the day progressed,

When we arrived at the cable car station, we were shocked to be some of the only people there! We had the entire gondola to ourselves as we were whisked up the mountainside. At the top, we were greeted by 360 degree panoramic views. There was also a lot of wind. So much wind! The warm sunshine we experienced earlier was all but forgotten as we bundled up to protect ourselves from the biting cold and blowing snow. In between warming up, we walked along the wide ridge and reveled in the beauty that surrounded us. When the sun dipped behind the peaks, we decided it was time to head down. Before heading back to the hotel, we made one final stop at another beautiful alpine lake. As we enjoyed the clouds turn light pink and the sky fade to deep blue, we embarked on the windy drive back down the mountain pass and into St. Moritz.

To wrap up the night, Emily and Rob toasted champagne and we said our goodbyes. Afterwards, they were enjoying a privately catered dinner and black forest cake.

From start to finish, Emily and Rob’s elopement was seriously unforgettable. Every detail was heartfelt from their accessories (Emily and Rob’s rings were Swiss Blue and incorporated jewels from Rob’s mother’s ring), to their choice of scenery, and their honeymoon in Germany which honored Rob’s heritage. Switzerland is one of my favorite elopement destinations, because it’s the perfect place for any couple that wants to get married in a place where adventure and luxury meet seamlessly.

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