Rustic Ranch Wedding

We have the cutest rustic ranch wedding I’ve been proud to feature on the blog today! Remember that super sweet surprise engagement we featured? Well here is their wedding photographed by Cameron Ingalls! Ben, who is one half of the amazing wedding videographers, Cana VP, married Nichole in San Miguel California, at the Grand Chenier Ranch. The beautiful wild flowers by Adornments Flowers & Finery gave the rustic wedding a really soft touch. There is just so much that I love about this wedding, from the cute book themed centerpieces, the heart shaped place card holders to the haystack seats at the ceremony! I’m so honored that we were able to follow this amazing couple from engagement to wedding. Thanks so much to Cameron Ingalls for sending this one over! You can follow Cameron and Ben on twitter and check out the amazingly sweet video Drew from Cana VP made for the couple below!

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  1. Congrats Ben & Nichole, I loved being at your wedding we enjoyed it and were honored to celebrate it with you guys! Sweet work Cameron!

  2. I adore this crew! Can’t say enough about Cana VP, Cameron Ingalls, (and I even spot the amazing Mike Larson’s Photo Booth)! What a great day to have such a team, a beautiful bride & groom and such a lovely wedding!!

  3. What a beautiful couple and even more gorgeous event. This is definitely one of my favorites i’ve seen in a while! Congrats to the lovely couple.

  4. Clever flower choices – the “rustic” bouquet looks elegant and brings about an almost vintage and antique vibe. It goes along beautifully with the theme of the wedding!

  5. Oh wow! This wedding design is amazing! Straight out of the pages of a magazine. My favorite part is the bathtub full of drinks. 🙂

  6. Nicole is such an amazing salon client of mine! She and ben are a beautiful couple!! <3

  7. Such a beautiful wedding! I was looking at venues, ran across teh Grand chenier ranch, then saw your dress and was wondering who the designer was, I LOVE IT!

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