Inspired by These Wedding Day Balloons

You’ve seen our love for confetti, hearts, and buttons, so you know that we love all the fun elements of weddings! Wedding day balloons are another one of our favorites. They seemed a little too trendy for a while but we still love the pop of fun and color they give to any wedding! Whether they are hung from posts, or released after the kiss, it is a fun way to mark a celebration! And as Cleveland from Family Guy once said, “In case you didn’t know, a balloon tied to a mailbox is an international symbol for party over here!”

Found on Flickr

Photo by Brooke Schwab

Photo by He and She Photography

Photo by Adam Lesage

Photo by Flory Photo

Photo by Jonathon Ong

Photo by Lisa Devlin

Photo by Amelia Lyon

Photo by Michèle M. Waite

Photo by Peter Van Beever

Photo by Our Labor of Love

Photo by Sarah Yates

Event by Amy Atlas, Found on Tres Chic Blog

Found on Flickr

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