Inspired by Thistle

I’m a huge flower fan!  My mom was a florist and it seemed like our house was always filled with some kind of flower arrangement! I love all sorts of flowers but today I am especially inspired by thistle. It’s not the most common flower out there and definitely not the image that immediately comes to mind, but thistle is beautiful in it’s own way. Mixing it with softer florals makes for a gorgeous contrast that I just love and the prickly needles and pedals can make a stunning bouquet or centerpiece! It’s unique, elegant, and one of my absolute favorites!

Be Prepared to Be Inspired…

Photo by Carolyn Tran

Photo by Borrowed, Blue, Old and New

Photo by Jose Villa

Photos by Gem Photo

Photo by Robert Sukrachand Photography

Photo by Gabriel Ryan Photographers

Photo by Sarah Yates

Photo by Stephanie Williams

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  1. I had thistles in my boquet too. I tried to drill in their heads that we wanted Scottish thistles. But the day of we came to find the dark purple ones like in the first photo. Not what we invasioned but beautiful none the less

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