Inspired by this Sweet Cooking Valentines Day Shoot

When we think of a Valentine’s Day date, a nice dinner out, flowers, and maybe some chocolates are usually the “go to”.  This couple decided a dinner at home was just as good, if not better, and we couldn’t agree more!  All these gorgeous peonies, anemones, and roses around make it easy to get swept away in the romance and excitement of it all.  We love how they brought in a professional to teach them how to cook bruschetta too, what a fun activity to do together…and one you’ll be able to do again!  All you need is a few framed signs, polka dot linens, and striped tableware and you’ve made yourself the perfect Valentine’s dinner at home.  But don’t forget something sweet like those adorable heart cookies or XO cake to top off the night!

So set up a cute table, pour some champagne, and get to cooking!  We’re sure you’ll bring the heat in the kitchen this Valentine’s Day!

Be Prepared to Be Inspired…
1Love this quote!  Would be perfect for a bridal shower or wedding!

2We’re going to need both that mirror and wood shelving in our office ASAP!

3Both “All of life should be sweet” and “Enjoy the little things” would be great for a dessert table at a wedding!

4Found a similar recipe for these jam-filled shortbread cookies on our Pinterest!

4a 5 7 8 9 9aThe printed menu makes it feel a little fancier and we love the simplicity of this one!

9b 10 10aThose grey polka dot linens are amazing! And we’re always up for mixed prints with the striped plates!

11a 12a 12bA handmade mug would be a cute gift for the Mr. or Mrs. in your life to use every morning and think of you

13YUM! Might need to make this red cabbage, blackberry and avocado salad for lunch one day!

14Look at that gorgeous pink protea flower! Love it mixed in with the softer peonies and anemones.

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  1. is there a link to get the printable for those signs “one kiss” and “all of life”? thanks so much.

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