Romantic San Clemente Engagement Photo Shoot

I’m very excited to announce that one of my very best friends, Christia, is getting married! This romantic San Clemente engagement session  is so beautiful and so… THEM. Recent Philadelphia transplants,  Jim and Christia,  decided to have this photo shoot in San Clemente, as it was the “middle ground” between her job in San Diego and his job in Orange County before they moved. While the two of them  traveled and moved across the country a total of five times throughout their relationship, San Clemente was their home base during their last time living in California. I love that Jim and Christia have this special place to call their own – aside from it being their “middle ground,” it mirrors their willingness to always meet each other halfway.

“It was in this new city, almost seven years after our first meeting, that Jim proposed. On what was seemingly a regular walk along the beach one Saturday morning, Jim took a slight detour onto the San Clemente Pier. As we got to the end and looked back at the coastline towards this beautiful new, yet somewhat unfamiliar place, Jim reminded me that it didn’t matter where life took us, but that as long as we were together, we’d be home.

Home is truly where the heart is. We will likely never live in San Clemente again, although we will go back to visit when we can. Instead, it will always be a special reminder of that period in our relationship when our love took us in many directions, but ultimately on a path to finding our hearts’ home within one another.”

I am so happy for both Jim and Christia! They are absolutely beaming in these engagement photos, and I can’t help but smile myself knowing how in love they are with one another. I can’t wait for the wedding at the end of July at Estancia in La Jolla, San Diego!

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