Best of Be Inspired: Favorite Wedding Trends of 2009 and New blog inspiration for 2010

I am so excited to see what kinds of trends emerge in 2010.  Some of which I hope to create with my own wedding!  As an event professional you might find a few humorous and some very true trends we experienced  in this business by seeing them here.

This year things went very vintage, backyard chic, fun and colorful…I can only image what we will soon start seeing. There are a few trends I am very ready to leave in 2009 i.e. the fake mustache, bride clinging to grooms leg in engagement sessions and candy stations amongst many others. I am sure you creative minds out there will come up with all new twists! So here are a few trends we featured on our blog and enjoyed in 2009.

Lastly, the Inspiration Team ( aka myself, Kellee, Brittany, Lauren, Oliver and our twitterless  staff) at Be Inspired PR is looking to be totally inspired by all of you for 2010. We are looking for your favorite blogs to read and stay in touch with this year. Please list below your favorite wedding and event industry must reads with us. We will pick one lucky commenter for a special surprise! May the best blogs be listed…


Top row:Tanja Lippert, Row 2 :Shanni Weilert, Row 3: Clayton Austin, Row 4:Martha Stewart, Shanni Weilert for center and right

Hot Air BalloonsRows 1 and 2: Jessica Claire Row 3: Maemae Paperie, Row 4 and 5: Brandon Kidd Photography

0 responses to “Best of Be Inspired: Favorite Wedding Trends of 2009 and New blog inspiration for 2010

  1. Hey Leila! I’ve recently added The Party Dress to my google reader. Also, can I nominate my own? The Wedding Shoebox ( launches Monday! We’ve already received tons of feedback from excited brides and planners!
    PS. So happy to see Louisiana photog Steven Meyers images. I’m slightly obsessed with his work!

  2. I think I may have too many favourites! Nancy’s Brown Bag, Brooklyn Bride, Blue Orchid Designs, Ritzy Bee, Rock N Roll Bride, Elizabeth Anne Designs, Ruffled, From I Will To I Do, With This Ring, 100 Layer Cake, West Aussie Wedding, Amour Amour, Alannah Rose Stationery, Jo My Goodness, The Design Files, Think Splendid, Jonas Peterson, Real Weddings Magazine, Green Wedding Shoes, Antibride, Portobello Bride,The Business Of Being Creative, Lara Casey, Southern Wedding Style, Snippet & Ink, East Side Bride, A Practical Wedding, Australia Entertains, Bridal Survival, Weddingbee, Style Me Pretty, The Brides Cafe, The Bride’s Guide, Kiss The Groom, Peonies and Polaroids, Be Imbued, Coco and Kelley, DIY Bride, Planning Forever Events, Pearls Events, Junebug Weddings, Sparkliatti, Offbeat Bride, Classic Bride…

    Those are the ones that come to mind…I think I just may have more…

  3. Hi Leila,

    There are so many wonderful blogs to choose from (and so many I’m sure I haven’t had the pleasure of finding yet), but if I had to choose my favorites they would be:

    Thanks to Abby, Tait, Liene and you and your team for continuing to provide wonderful content and inspiration. Looking forward to what is to come in 2010.

    All the best,

  4. Definitely look forward to my dose of inspiration from you. Also love this blog from an event planner living in Memphis, Rock n Roll bride, this blog from vintage wedding dress designer, Stephanie James, and florist, Amy Child Marella’s, blog The Secret Life of Flowers (but I must admit I’m biased on the last one)!

  5. I know, I’m biased too, but I love writing my blog and sharing all the fun couples and collaborative events- it makes my job so much fun, and to put it out there for inspiration and comment through the blog is even better for all the newly engaged brides trying to get a visual of their own. xo my job 🙂

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