10 Money Saving Tactics for Your Wedding

The most stressful part of wedding planning is often all of the work you have to do on budgeting. It’s easy to get overwhelmed by all of the details and decisions, so we compiled this list of ways you can cut back on your spending. These 10 money saving tactics for your wedding come straight from the pros and are therefore super helpful! Keep these smart tips close by and let the experts keep you from sweating the small stuff so you can get excited about what will be the happiest day of your life!

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1. You don’t have to spend money on a champagne toast. 9 times out of 10, most people will just use the drink they have in hand at the time for toasts. – Mon Amie Bridal Salon       

2. Use Candles! Candles are romantic and lovely and will save you a little on decor and floral. – I do, I do! Wedding Planning

3. Another great way to cut costs is on favors! It might be a small amount but those small amounts on different items add up quickly. Guests will not feel slighted if they do not get a favor and I often find many are left behind. – Pink Bowtie Events

4. Go with a simple hair accessory instead of a veil. A lot of brides, if they get one at all, only wind up wearing the veil for the ceremony. When this is the case, consider letting the veil being your something borrowed and use a family or close friend’s veil to tie your look together!Beauty Entourage

5. A Custom Wedding Dress: A wedding dress is a huge expense considering you’ll only wear it once! Shopping off the rack dresses or a pre-owned wedding gowns can score you a beautiful designer dress at half the price. – Megan Dileen Events

6. Unnecessary Additional Postage. We tell our couples to wait before they purchase stamps for their wedding invitations – especially if they want to order specialty postage or vintage stamps. Couples should have the post office weigh the invitation first so they know the exact postage needed. Then, they can order the correct postage stamps for their wedding invitations. –Howerton+Wooten Events

7. An amazing DJ can keep the party going and guests will never notice there is no band. You can also save money on dance floor lighting by using a DJ that provides it. Often their lighting costs are substantially lower, if not complimentary. Having the lighting company install dance floor lighting will always cost a premium.  – Kate Siegel Fine Events

8. Placemats. Not all tables require a full place setting complete with a placemat under each plate setting. Sit down with your venue caterer and coordinator to see what is needed and what is there for show and use the money to attract more attention to the centerpieces! – Elizabeth Birdsong Photography

9. Don’t spend too much money on shoes! Pick something pretty and comfortable. Your feet will thank you at the end of the night. – Adina’s Bridal

10. Finally, utilize social media! Occasionally I have a bride who thinks disposable cameras are a good idea but in the digital age it’s not. Wveryone has a digital camera or phone so these days it’s much more cost effective to come up with a hashtag and collect your guest photos online. – Adrienne Maples PhotoStudios

Which of these tactics will you use at your wedding?

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