Inspired by These Sara Gabriel Headpieces and Veiling

Although I have yet to find my wedding dress, don’t worry I am unusually calm about this detail even with my wedding exactly 7 months from today, I have been very interested and inspired by all of the different options there are out there in terms of head pieces. A while back when we featured the real wedding of Karen and Greg at Barndiva I was introduced to the beautiful work done by Sara Gabriel who is a master milliner. Her veils and headpieces are absolutely gorgeous and I really think she has created something for every kind of bride, especially since her products range from $60 to $1000. Sara says that what she is most inspired by, comes as no surprise, the bride! Below are some samples of her beautiful work! If you think this is the first time you have seen her work, I bet that you have seen it before in one of her many magazine features. She has been everywhere, check out her press page!

Sara Gabriel  color

Head Pieceshead pieces

Short VeilsShort Veils

Medium Length Veilsmedium length

Long veilsLong veils

Real Brides in their Sara Gabriel veilsSG real brides

left image by: Suzanne Karp, middle image by: Bello Photo right image found on: A Practical Wedding


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  1. I almost didn’t have a veil but then my great aunt who’s been married for over 40yrs begged me to have one, said it was necessary so that my now hubby could pull it back to unveil my face after walking down the aisle, like a first viewing. Since my mom passed away, she’s the closest family I have so it was her one request and I was happy to oblige. Something about a veil is quite nostalgic and I am glad I choose to wear one because it really made me feel like a bride and quite beautiful on the wedding day. Looking back, the only thing I would of changed is to have a longer veil, like a mantilla, Spanish style…..they are very dramatic and so me!

    I love all your choices above and I am sure you’ll looking beautiful in whatever you pic….Michelle

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