How To Refresh Your Wardrobe Without Purchasing Anything

Calling all fashionistas on a budget (AKA all of us)! It’s finally spring and every new season makes us want a whole new wardrobe. Anyone else? Unfortunately, we don’t have an unlimited budget to “spring” on all new clothes (see what we did there?). However, there are ways to refresh your wardrobe without dropping a whole paycheck on Shopbop. We’re sharing 5 tips to refresh your wardrobe for spring without purchasing anything. Ready? Let’s go!

How To Refresh Your Wardrobe Without Purchasing Anything - Inspired by This

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1) Clean out your closet.

In order to refresh your wardrobe, you have to start with a clean slate. Go through your entire closet and donate or sell anything that no longer brings you joy. Watch a few episodes of Marie Kondo’s show on Netflix if you need some motivation! A few good questions to ask yourself if you’re not sure what to keep: Does this still fit me? Do I have things to wear this shirt/skirt/sweater with? Does this item fit my personal style right now? For some examples of what everyone needs, here’s a list of our favorite classic wardrobe essentials!

2) Organize.

Just reorganizing the way you store your clothes and shoes will make such an impact on how you feel about your wardrobe! For example, try hanging clothes by category. All of your dresses, then all of your sweaters, then all of your short sleeve and tank tops. For extra credit, color-coordinate within each category! That way, next time you need a grey short sleeve shirt, you know exactly where to look.

3) Try unexpected combinations.

Here’s where you get to be creative! Refresh your wardrobe by pairing things together that you haven’t ever tried before. Wear your favorite skinny jeans under a midi dress for a cooler spring day at the office. Try a thin turtleneck under a summer dress to make it transition-weather appropriate. Wear a button-down dress as a long shacket. There’s no wrong way to wear anything these days – Just take a scroll through Instagram if you don’t believe us!

How To Refresh Your Wardrobe Without Purchasing Anything - Inspired by This

Photo by @jessannkirby

4) Borrow from your boyfriend or boy friend.

We’re all about a gender-neutral fashion moment, so don’t be afraid to raid your guy’s closet. Our favorite items to steal from the menswear section are flannels, outerwear, and button-down shirts!

5) Get crafty.

Your jeans are about to become your next craft project! Denim with interesting details will always be in style, and can take a plain t-shirt from boring to Fashion with a capital F. Add a step hem to a straight leg pair or add some distressing to a pair of black skinny jeans. There are so many great DIYs on YouTubeand Pinterest if you need some inspiration!

So, there you go! You now have the tools you need to refresh your wardrobe for spring without spending a single dime. Let us know if you try it, and tag us in your wardrobe shelfies on Instagram!

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