Our 2021 Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Mother’s day is one of our favorite holidays around here because, well, if you haven’t noticed yet we have a community of momma’s out there that we love supporting. Between our own experience with raising children, and being a daughter it’s safe to say we have quite a bit of experience in the subject of motherhood. That being said, we firmly believe that every mom should be celebrated and appreciated not just on Mother’s day, but every day! This is where we come in, we have scoured the web to find the best, and most aesthetically pleasing items to make a mother’s day gift guide we are certain will wow! Also, while you are looking through our top 16 mother’s day gift picks for 2021 be sure to jot down some ideas on how you can make your mom feel special in the days following this holiday.

Image via @mama.shocks

.01 – Day Pack Large Backpack

Who couldn’t make use of a new backpack, we know we could! When you are a mamma, then purses are most likely out of the question, with all the kid’s necessities a mom needs to be able to carry the gear worry-free! And look cute doing so! 😉

.02 – Spa Day Gift Set

Every mom could do with a spa-day, no questions asked! But, when life is rapidly moving, why not send the spa to her with this adorable spa day gift set?!

.03 – Aurora Birthstone Charm Necklace

If you are looking for a sentimental gift for your mom, then this birthstone charm set is perfect! Not, only will it be customized to her children’s birthstones, but it will look fabulous on her!

.04 – Spa Day Candle

Remember when we mentioned a spa day at home? Well, this spa day candle pairs perfectly with that kit to create the whole ambiance of the spa all from the comfort of her home.

.05 – Reusable Wine Tote

Did someone say wine?! Yes, our ears perked up too. This wine tote is perfect for the mama that loves to take her wine with her to meet up with friends or perhaps on a picnic!

.06 – Mother’s Day: Citrus Flower

While we are on the topic of alcohol, why not explore a refreshing apéritif? This one happens to be themed for Mother’s day, and we know it will be a guaranteed way to lift your mother’s spirits.

.07 – Homesick Candle Scented

If your mom is a lover of all things scented then this “thank you, mom” candle is the perfect gift to thank her for being there for you. We know every time she lights it she will be thinking of you!

.08 – The Home Gardener

We know far too many moms that love gardening, so we knew we had to throw this adorable kit in there.

.09 – Mama Bear Engraved Cuff

Calling all jewelry lovers… this timeless engraved cuff complete with a mama bear and baby bear is just about as sweet as it gets!

.10 – “The Cool Mom” Wine Gift Box

Remember when we mentioned that wine tote? Well, we were setting the stage for this wine gift box. Need we say any more? We already know if you aren’t getting this for mom, you probably have it in your cart for you. No shame!!

.11 – The R&R Bouquet

You can never go wrong with some classic blooms. We looked through all of the options online and this bouquet was by far our favorite for our 2021 Mother’s Day gift guide.

.12 – Snap Tote from Minted

A snap tote should be a staple for every mom. What’s not to love about them? They are durable, convenient, and stylish – win, win!
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.13 – Customizable Apron from Minted

Every mom we know spends some time in the kitchen, and we know that we could not be the only ones that think it’s time to elevate mom’s apron.
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.14 – Petite Baguette Gemstone Stacking Ring

Yes, you read that right, stacking gemstones is correct! We know that these would make any mom ecstatic because they are just as stunning as it gets!

.15 – Footnanny 1, 2, 3 Kit

Going along with the spa day theme, this Footnanny launch kit is a no-brainer for any mom. We are only mildly (very) obsessed with this product that we might have another in our cart just for ourselves!

.16 – Storyworth Gift Book

Last but certainly not least we have the most thoughtful gift of all, Storyworth. This gift is one that will keep on giving all year long with the ability for your mom to record some of her favorite memories throughout the year, and share it with you when the book is complete. Have we peeked your interest? Be sure to check this one out, if not for your mom, we can guarantee someone you love will adore this gift!

Let’s raise our glasses, to all the mamma’s out there that work tirelessly day in and day out to make their families feel loved. We see you and we are so proud of you! Let us know what you think of this mother’s day gift guide in the comments, we want to know if you found this guide helpful!