How To Clean Out Your Closet & Make It Fun

Ever since “The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up” landed in our must-read list, we have attempted to live by a ‘get rid of it’ motto. In saying that, we are definitely NO Marie Kondos when it comes to living a simplistic lifestyle. However, we try our best – especially when springtime rolls around.

The season sparks feelings of refresh & reset. From changing out pillows and opening up windows to purging cupboards and packing winter clothes. But that doesn’t mean it’s always easy. One of the most difficult areas to ‘spring clean’? Our closets! So, we came up with a new method, you could say, for how to clean out your closet AND make it fun!

Photo by Manifesto Photography from Quentin & Co.’s closet

Recruit help

Firstly, ask your friends or family to help! Having an (or two) unattached opinion is crucial to actually ditching pieces you no longer need. Plus, it makes cleaning out your closet *much* more enjoyable.

Stock up on supplies

Lacking the necessary supplies to pack and trash closet items will halt any and all progress! Make sure you have storage bins or boxes and trash bags at the ready. You also may need to set aside pieces to take to the dry cleaners or consignment.

Bring out the bubbly

Next, pop some champagne! Let your friends plop on your bed and serve them a mimosa – or two! The cleaning will feel less like work, and a little more like an annual event ;). Pull closet items out one by one and let your audience have a say in wether it stays or goes.

Try it On

With your friends there to give their honest opinions, there’s no better time for a fashion show! It’s also easy to forget what something looks like, or once looked like, on. So, model the pieces you’re questioning to truly see their worth. Maybe you love it, but you realize you will never wear it again.

Donate It

Yes, there are just some things you should throw away, but you will probably find most of the clothing, shoes, and accessories you purge, are still in good condition. Put those pieces into bags or boxes and donate them to a local charity or Goodwill. You can also bring ‘great condition’ pieces to a consignment store where you can hopefully get a small return on your items. Places like Wasteland will hand you cash right there on the spot!


Now that you have purged the bad and are left with the pieces you love – make sure they don’t go unnoticed. Organize your closet in a way that it makes everything easy to find and encourages you to wear the pieces you might have once forgot about.


OK, the hard work is over! Phew! Now it’s time to thank your faithful troops and relish in a clean space. Go out to lunch (or cook in your now-clean home!) and bask in your accomplishments! Cleaning out your closet is a feat that should never go unrewarded!

Bottom two photos by Carmen Evans of Katey McFarlan’s Home

Finally, tell us your best tips for spring cleaning your closet in the comments!


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