The Frozen Food We Always Have on Hand

As much as we like to tell ourselves we’ll cook most evenings, or make enough food throughout the week for leftovers, we have to be honest and say we reach for freezer food a few times a week. Beyond that, we’ve fallen on the late side of the expiration date on fresh food one too many times, and HATE having to toss food away that we let sit in our fridge a little too long. SO, the freezer has become our best friend. This is what we always have on hand to whip up a meal in no time or satisfy a sweet craving.


We love stocking up on organic veggies that we can pull out of the freezer and quickly sauté for a delicious and healthy dinner. We love enjoying our veggies roasted as well, and recently fell in love with this grilled cauliflower from Trader Joe’s – just zap it in the microwave!

Freezer Foods We Always Have on Hand - Inspired by This


Who doesn’t love frozen pizza? Healthier, quicker, and cheaper than delivery, Smart Flour Foods Pizza is one of our faves. Bake for 10 minutes and enjoy! The Margherita & vegetarian-fed pork Pepperoni are delicious. Plus, they are gluten free and contain no preservatives!

Freezer Foods We Always Have on Hand - Inspired by This


We can’t deny that we need a little something sweet every now and then. If you’re looking for a guilt-free option, frozen berries (which are also good to have on hand for smoothies) are a great option! We snack on a bowl of those whenever we want to satisfy a craving without diving into a pint of ice cream.These chocolate banana bites are another great option! However, when it does come to ice cream, you can’t beat McConnells! The peanut butter flavor is amazingggg.

On the lighter side, and especially with summer approaching, we love stocking up on popsicles! We have found a few options that are actually GOOD for you! EatPops are made from pressed juice, therefore carrying all the nutritional benefits in a fun popsicle form. Another favorite, is goodpops – they are ultra refreshing and all-natural (i.e. no artificial flavors or coloring). And then there’s Proyo – a frozen yogurt snack packed with protein and basically a grown-up version of a push-pop, so naturally we love it :).

Freezer Foods We Always Have on Hand - Inspired by This


When we need to throw something in our bag for a work-lunch, Trader Joe’s chile relleno is the tastiest thing! We also love their dumplings with a little Gyoza sauce, and roasted vegetable lasagna for quick dinners or lunches. You can snag all of that in the freezer section at your local store.

And for the perfect side, sweet potato fries & hash browns from Alexia Foods are the best!

Freezer Foods We Always Have on Hand - Inspired by This

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  1. I always have the grilled cauliflowers and Proyo on hand, but I will add all others to the list for my next grocery shopping day!

  2. ok, those hash browns are seriously the best. I’m glad I’m not the only one that thinks so!!

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