8 Ways to Clean Up Your Space For The New Year

Sometimes in life, there’s clutter. If you’re not careful, the extra stuff can pile up and take control of your home. The new year is a great reason to go through all of the things you’ve been putting off. Fresh space for a fresh year! If you’re looking to take charge of your clutter this year, keep reading. We have come up with 8 ways to clean up your space for the new year… and you won’t want to miss out on it!

01. Sell Your Extra Items On Apps

Image via @depop

So, do you have a large pile of clothes in your closet that are never being worn? If that’s the case, you should consider selling your extra clothes off your phone! Additionally, not only is this a great way to create some extra closet space, but it is a quick way to earn some cash. Not sure where to start? Don’t worry, we’ve created a list of the best apps to sell your stuff online on.

Best Apps To Sell Your Clothes:

  • Mercari
  • Depop
  • Poshmark
  • ThredUp
  • TheRealReal
  • LePrix
  • Swap.com

02. Donate Your Clothes & Other Items

Image via @nestingwithgrace

If selling your clothes sounds like too much of a hassle, you should consider donating! Giving back to your community and cleaning your space? Sounds like a win-win situation to us! If you’re struggling to figure out where to donate, there are plenty of donation stations in cities that are just a Google search away.

03. Organize Your Clutter Into 5 Different Bins

Image via @thespruce

Alright, so you’ve donated and sold all the items you don’t need anymore…but what about the rest? When de-cluttering your home, it’s important to organize your items into five different categories.

  • The ‘Put-Away’ Bin: Organize items that need to be put away
  • Recycle Bin: Anything to recycle
  • Fix + Mend Bin: Extra trinkets that you can update and save for later
  • Trash Bin: Unnecessary stuff to throw away
  • Donate Bin: Extra stuff that you can donate

04. Clean Out Bookcases, Shelves And Anything With Paper Clutter

Image via @housebyhoff

A trend that we’ve seen is that a lot of clutter comes from extra paperwork one has. Whether it’s for school, work, or something random, paperwork piles up. If you want to de-clutter, sort through all those junk drawers, bookcases, and shelves that would have all that extra clutter. Spend some time sorting through what you need & don’t need. Chances are, you can create plenty of space by getting rid of all that paper!

05. Committing To The De-Cluttering Process

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It’s one thing to clean up your space, but it’s another thing to keep it clean. If you want to say goodbye to the clutter for good, commit to de-cluttering for at least 10-15 minutes a day. Implement some daily pick-up to organize your things. This way, you can avoid the pile-up. It doesn’t have to be a huge effort either, just put things away at the end of the day, and discard the things you won’t be using.

06. Transform Your Junk Drawer Into An Everyday Drawer

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We all have that drawer that no one is allowed to see. It’s filled with random trinkets from years ago, and things you probably forgot about. So, if de-cluttering is your goal, transform your junk drawer into something you can use. In other words, get rid of the extra junk. Instead, add items that have a purpose, and you will need in your daily life.

07. Have A Cleaning Station

Image via @highlandandhoney

While we are on the topic of organization, cleaning falls in the category of de-cluttering and creating space. So, while you are organizing your home, make sure to have the cleaning supplies you’ll need to keep your house immaculate. Additionally, having a go-to cleaning station in your home will allow for quick, accessible & easy cleaning, all year round. That being said, there are now no excuses for a dirty home in 2022!

08. Create A ‘To-Do’ Later Drawer

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Above all, we know that life gets busy and no amount of organization can prepare you for what life may throw at you. Additionally, it’s hard to keep track of everything all at once. However, this doesn’t need to overwhelm you or disrupt the peace. Instead, add a drawer in your home that is specifically for all of the extra things in your life. For example, if you have some paperwork to catch up on or a letter to write, place those tasks in a drawer for your future self. This way, when you are ready to catch up on your to-do list, you can do it with ease!

Are you ready to step into the New Year without extra clutter? We know we are! By using our 8 tips to de-clutter your home, you’ll have a great space to begin 2022 in. If you are looking for more ways to clean up your home, check out our article on Easy Ways To Make More Out Of Your Small Space!