10 Ways to Save Money Today and Every Day

It is never a bad time to try to save some extra cash. What is really difficult is finding the ways to do it. In the beginning of a new year ALL of our wallets are feeling the hit of the holidays. Excellent gifts, charcuterie board makings, and wine are all starting to catch up to us. When it comes time to make those money-saving decisions, sometimes the intensity of some can be overpowering. It is hard to change entire spending habits in a day, however; there are some simple everyday steps that can make a big difference in the long run. From letting go of the daily venti Starbucks latte to not giving into every new style of jeans, these tips capitalize on changes that fit into daily life. There are always new recipes and streaming services that can transform the amount of money you are spending. Implementing these tips into our own lives has turned us into our own persona baristas/chefs/party planners, and we could not be happier. Saving these ways every day could be the initial step you need to make even larger changes later on. Starting small is the perfect way to set obtainable goals for yourself. Here are 10 ways that we have begun our journey to save every day. We’re currently still working on #8…it is a work in progress for everyone.

1. Plan meals out for the week

2. Make coffee at home

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3. Say goodbye to cable

4. Learn how to do DIY beauty treatments

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5. Don’t give into ALL of the trends

6. Compare prices

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7. Invite friends over instead of going out

8. Try not to stress-spend

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9. Buy in bulk

10. Try out the library

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We have found ways that not only save money but make it fun in the process. These tips give you new skills to showcase to family and friends. They’ll be wanting to start following in YOUR footsteps. We know finding new ways to save money can feel like a lost cause. All it takes is to start with one to see results! Maybe you’ll even find a new hobby!