10 Mocktails That Are So Good, You’ll Forget They’re Alcohol-Free

“When it’s your second day of quarantine, but you’re on your eighth bottle of wine.” Ah yes, how we laughed at that meme. Now we are at our 2nd year of quarantine, yikes. Well, this meme was cheeky and relatable. You know what was also relatable? The hangover from the seventh circle that you had once the wine run out. We are loving all these virtual happy hours to stay connected, but all the yummy cocktails? Maybe not conducive to living your healthiest and glowiest lives.

But, in times such as these, our social hours are particularly important to our mental health. That’s why we’re breaking out the not-so-heavy hitters: mocktails. Don’t groan! Don’t you dare groan! There is a fun zone in between water and Moscow Mules. We scoured the Internet and found mocktails that are so good, you can have none of the buzz and all of the fun!

1.) Kombucha Mocktail

Mocktails that are so good

Image & Recipe: Sweet Lizzy

Okay we’re just going to look past the minute amount of alcohol in Kombucha, but we don’t advise driving or operating heavy machinery after a few sips of this because mentally you’ll be somewhere far away (and because you need to stay inside). Instead of feeling nauseated and blob-like, you’ll have that good gut health glow. Paired with hibiscus and ginger, it will be a delight for the taste buds and nose alike!

2.) Grapefruit Thyme Mocktail

Image & Recipe: Flowers in the Salad

A little bit of bitter, a little bit of sweet and a whole lot of fragrant. We are super into this citrus concoction that is just as pretty as it is yummy! Just make sure that you have the recipe handy, because you know everyone on Zoom will want to know what you’re sipping on!

3.) Golden Glow Water

Mocktails that are so good

Image & Recipe: Half Baked Harvest

No we didn’t pick it just because it has “glow” in the name… that’s why we clicked on it. However we were not disappointed at all when we came upon this tonic-turned mocktail. It’s got some high-key immune boosters which we are incredibly thankful for. You may have already guessed by the name, but yes, it even has anti-inflammatory turmeric. You sugary sweet margarita can’t boast this (but oh how we still love, sugary margarita).

4.) Honey Roasted Pear Sparkling Mocktail

 Image & Recipe: Cotter Crunch

Don’t ask us why, but pear automatically equates to fancy in our minds. So spend your evening pearing (yes, we went there) this drink with a coordinating PJ set, a face mask and a nice read and look at you! Someone is claiming the throne as the queen of elegant self care! Look at you go!

5.) Watermelon Cooler

Image and Recipe: Better Homes & Gardens

It may not yet be summertime, and the living might not be easy. However, who’s to say that we can’t pretend that it is? This little number has got us feeling like it’s a balmy summer day. Not only is it delightful, but it’s also only 44 calories per serving! Not even a vodka water can boast that (not to mention that vodka waters taste like the tears of small children.)

6.) Chasing Summer

Leopold Jigger // Usagi Cocktail Shaker Gold

Image and Recipe: Food & Wine

Okay truly this one is blowing our minds! With a base of Chai Sun Tea and accents of passionfruit and… wait for it.. balsamic vinegar this mocktail has all the twists and turns to keep you on your toes! There’s even sweetened condensed milk to really seal the deal! These mocktails are so good that we might just have to whip some up as a mid-workday treat! It’s got tea!

7.) Cucumber Lime Lavender Spritzer

Image & Recipe: Simplemost

Let’s play a word association game. We’ll share a word and then say the first word we associate with it. Ready? Here we go! Refreshing? Cucumber! Tasty? Lime? Fragrant? Lavender! Well, there you have it folks! This mocktail is the epitome of all things refreshing, tasty and fragrant! Perfect to enjoy this spring weather from your window, and even helpful for a good night’s rest! Now that’s a win-win!

8.) Sparkling Pineapple Mojito Mocktail

Image and Recipe: The Pretty Life Girls

Can a cocktail sell you based on it’s bubbles alone? If so, have we got the drink for you! This concoction is easy to make and delicious with lots of pineapple, lime and even some mint to really step it’s game! These mocktails are so good that you may just be making some of these on your next (eventual) beach trip!

9.) Rose Lemon Spritzer

Image & Recipe: Half Baked Harvest

It’s beautiful and it’s tasty so what isn’t there to love? This delicate little mocktail has rosewater, honey and lemon and we are tempted to make it based on aesthetics alone. Don’t forget the rose petals for garnish because what better time to be extra than when you have all the extra time? (And you didn’t hear it from us, but it does pair nicely with vodka too.)


10.) Chocolate Moo

Image: Lindt

Oh, you know, it’s just one of our favorite mocktails! All you’ve got to do is blend chocolate ice cream, milk/ milk alternative, ice cubes, maybe some chocolate syrup if you’re living on the wild side, and voila! Now don’t forget the whipped cream and cherry on top!

If you’re thinking to yourself, “Isn’t that a milkshake?” Why yes it is. You know what they say, if it ain’t broke don’t fix it! We most certainly classify milkshakes as mocktails, and we are confident that this mocktail will completely make you forget about it not having alcohol.

Not only are these mocktails yummy, these are mocktails that are so good they’ll change the mood of your whole weekend. So make sure to enjoy your early Saturday morning! Watch the sunrise with a little savasana action, do some early morning cleaning with a quick sage to your space and make yourself a healthy breakfast. In this same amount of time hungover you will have only woken up and ordered in something greasy for breakfast.

If this article is inspiring you to go out and live your best life, check out this article on four safe cleanses to try! If this article just really made you want a drink (no judgement), then might we recommend looking into some colorful summer cocktails to try out? No matter what, happy sipping!

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