Detallerie’s Contemporary Office in Barcelona

The wedding & event planners at Detallerie know a thing or two about designing something special. They have a keen eye not only when it comes to a dream wedding, but dreamy interiors as well. We are taking a peek inside their contemporary office in Barcelona, Spain on our business blog today. It’s full of natural light, plants, and sleek modern decor. Founders Teresa and Carolina shares her inspiration for the space and a little bit more about her thriving business!

Tell us a little more about Detallerie and how you got started!

It all started five years ago. We came from the world of advertising and events, but after working for big companies we decided to embark on a new and exciting adventure of planning weddings and we haven’t stopped since. There is nothing more satisfying than working for a couple on one of the most important days of their lives.

We are a multidisciplinary team in which every member works in the area according to their abilities. This is one of our biggest strengths. We work hard to make every wedding really special and to create a unique design especially for each couple. We don’t work on wedding packs but instead create whimsical moments and special memories that will last forever.

What does a typical work day look like for you?

We arrive early in the morning at Detallerie’s studio were there’s always a warm cup of coffee, a story to tell, a joke and endless to do lists to achieve. Throughout the day you can find us searching for the ideal venue, preparing a meeting with a new couple, designing a wedding, writing a post for the blog, updating new weddings on our site or coordinating all the suppliers involved for the wedding of next weekend. (Even taking care of our plants on the terrace).


We love the bright and organic feel to your office! What was your inspiration?

Little by little we have been building this special and sacred place for our couples and even ourselves. It has been through a lot of effort and trying to find unique objects or decor that match what we are looking for. We chose neutral colors for walls and furniture and added a touch of color with decor. The palette we used is based on our central color that is the grayish blue of our logo. The rest of the colors are complementary to this one. We like to go back to the basics and those noble materials that bring us good memories, such as a wooden table or marble finishes. (Also very important – we always need a fresh bouquet or plant around us – we believe they bring life to every space). 

Do you have a favorite part of the space?
Yes, the terrace and our space office. 
In Barcelona, as with most big cities, it’s quite difficult to enjoy inside offices and houses with green spaces. We were lucky to find a place where we could have many plants, even shrubs and a terrace table. We love to walk through it every morning, take a cup of coffee at evening or meet our couples when it’s sunny outside.

Also, we spend most of our time in the office area, so we carefully dedicate our time to make that environment a place that could inspire us anytime. So, on one of the walls we display the weddings we have with the inspiration mood boards in case an idea comes! We also have a wall with the wedding invitations we create every season. There’s always a fresh bouquet and our tables are joined together to make the our work much better! (and more fun 🙂 )

What are your tips for creating a space that’s both functional for your team, and presentable for clients?

Detallerie’s studio is one in all. That means that when we thought of decor for the office, we thought of every detail so that not only our clients would enjoy the special space, but so we could also enjoy it every day. We thought of our suppliers, couples, our team, meetings, rooftop parties, and even Sunday barbecues with the Detallerie team (and family 🙂 ). In practical terms, an important tip is to put in only the furniture needed, nothing more or less. Find each piece carefully and with heart so that it becomes really special, because when there is a small space you need it to make it functional too. Also, all of the decor elements such as paintings, mirrors, plants and cushions help to create a cozy atmosphere and make everyone feel comfortable and welcome.

Finally, you design flawlessly beautiful events and weddings. Do you have any advice for what brides should look for when hiring a planner?

The advice we always give to our brides is: choose a wedding planner with whom you identify yourself with. Once she finds them she will trust their work, so the only concern she will have is to enjoy the ride. Because a wedding is not only about enjoying the big day but also enjoying everything from the first moment the groom pops the question!

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