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Jun 16, 2015

Styling Culottes with Chic Flavours

Soraya, of Chic Flavours, is a jet-setter between Abu Dhabi and Chicago so her style has to be able to transition on and off the plane, and for different climates and cultures. The travel savvy style blogger is styling culottes in three diffferent ways that all work for those “what do I wear” moments. Classy, comfortable, and easily dressed up or down with the right accessories, culottes are a closet necessity – and with Soraya’s help anyone can rock them!


Name: Soraya Pena Hennessy

Blog: Chic Flavours

City: Between Chicago & Abu Dhabi


Tell us a little bit about how Chic Flavours got started!

Chic Flavours started out of a combination of boredom and my interest for fashion! I went to school for Hospitality Management, but always had a strong fascination for fashion. Starting a blog gave me the opportunity to explore my creativity and share my passion for clothes, colors and travels with others.



Styling Culottes with Chic Flavours


How would you describe your personal style?

I love the combination between sexy and elegant. I like being on-trend and adding a little “flavour” to every outfit, but always keeping outfits true to myself, feminine and classic.



Styling Culottes with Chic Flavours Styling Culottes with Chic Flavours Styling Culottes with Chic Flavours

Culottes: Kate Spade, Top: Tanya Taylor, Shoes: Sergio Rossi, Purse: Louis Vuitton


We love following along with your life on Chic Flavours! You are constantly on the move! What does a typical week look like?

There’s really not a set schedule for me and every week is a little different. While in Abu Dhabi I try to work out in the morning as well as take outfit pictures. It can get really hot in the UAE, so I try to take pictures first thing in the morning. I publish my post, answer emails, comment and support my fellow bloggers’ posts, work on pitches and most importantly work on meeting PR companies and attending events. I might attend an event on Monday afternoon one week and attend another event Thursday night the next week.



Styling Culottes with Chic Flavours Styling Culottes with Chic Flavours Styling Culottes with Chic Flavours

Jacket: Ann Taylor, Blouse: Ann Taylor, Shoes: Jimmy Choo, Bag: H&M

How do you stay stylish while hopping on and off planes and wanting to be comfortable?

I get ask this question a lot and that’s because we have all face the dilemma of being comfortable yet chic while traveling. When traveling for over 24 hours and being on a plane for 13 hours, comfort always comes first. I take inspiration from Carolina Herrera, wearing a white classic button down shirt, navy blazer and my most comfortable jeans or pants. I wear sneakers NOT flats because I know I’m going to be walking around the airport and want the most support for my feet. When going overseas I do change into yoga pants for a good nights rest and wash my face before landing.



Styling Culottes with Chic Flavours Styling Culottes with Chic Flavours Styling Culottes with Chic Flavours

Top: J.Crew, Earrings: J.Crew, Sandals: ALDO

Culottes can be intimidating to try, how do you suggest to style them for everyday?

For an everyday look I would suggest pairing them up with a boyfriend tee or a button down shirt. Culottes look best when glammed up with a crop top and heels, but you can also wear them during the day with platform sandals or sneakers for a sporty look.


When shopping for these fun pants, are there fabrics or fits we should steer clear of?

Stay away from culottes that look like sweatpants and have a stretchy jersey material. The jersey material is too loose and really makes for a gym attire look.

Styling Culottes with Chic Flavours

Celebrity I would love to swap closets with: Blake Lively

Beauty Secret: a good night’s sleep does miracles and lots of water

Travel Must Have: Oil absorbing sheets

Favorite Trend Right Now: platform sandals





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