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Mar 09, 2016

8 Inspiring Companies that Give Back

Shopping for a cause – now that’s something we can get on board with! Conscious capitalism is all the rage these days with for-profit companies giving back in big ways! And who wouldn’t want to buy an awesome product if they knew their purchase was going to help someone else? Here, we are sharing some of our favorite companies that are doing well by doing good around the world! Want more? Check out these 5 do-gooders we shared about last month! 

Inspiring Companies that Give Back - Inspired by This

Alex and Ani 

Every year Alex and Ani partners with charities to create a new bangle bracelet with a charm specific to that cause for their “Charity By Design” program. With each bracelet sold, a portion of the profits are donated to that charity. It’s a great way to give back to a cause you support and the bracelets make great gifts too!

Inspiring Companies that Give Back - Inspired by This

Warby Parker 

Warby Parker’s “Buy a Pair, Give a Pair” program is seriously amazing. Not only did they change the eyewear game by providing consumers an affordable eyewear solution, but for every pair purchased, a pair is donated to someone in need. Their donations also go towards training for doctors to give eye exams to help the world see better!

Inspiring Companies that Give Back - Inspired by This

The Giving Keys

The Giving Keys is close to our hearts because it’s based right here in L.A.! They make amazing vintage key necklaces that you can have printed with a word of your choice. The idea is that if you encounter someone through your life that could use some of your word, you pass the key onto them and keep the positive vibes going. Not only does it uplift the consumer, but the employees who create these keys, are people transitioning out of homelessness. An awesome company who’s spreading love and helping those in need!

Inspiring Companies that Give Back - Inspired by This

The Good Beginning

We love weddings over on Inspired By This ,but what if there was a way to give back while still having the party of your dreams? Well now there is! Beth of Beth Helmstetter Events recently started “The Good Beginning.” Now, instead of registering for a sixth set of silverware that you don’t really need, you can register for charitable donations. Through the site, you can pick a charity of your choice and have your guests donate what they would have spent on a wedding gift for you!

Inspiring Companies that Give Back - Inspired by This

Love Your Melon

Who doesn’t love a good beanie? The folks at Love Your Melon created the perfect beanie and for each one purchased, they’ll donate one to a child battling cancer. Not only that, but the hats are donated in person by college ambassadors dressed as superheroes. So precious!

Inspiring Companies that Give Back - Inspired by This

Headbands of Hope

Much like Love Your Melon, Headbands of Hope is bringing cheer to little girls with cancer around the country! For each headband purchased, one is donated to a little one battling cancer. Their headbands come in every style and color imaginable so stock up on all of them!

Inspiring Companies that Give Back - Inspired by This

R. Riveter

We love this concept! R. Riveter is an amazing company that gives military spouses a portable career by making canvas bags. No matter where their spouse is transferred, they will be able to work! Plus, all bags are American made, super durable and so cute. Any company that empowers women is a company we want to be a part of!

Inspiring Companies that Give Back - Inspired by This Inspiring Companies that Give Back - Inspired by This

Noonday Collection

We’re constantly accessorizing with fun beads and baubles so we’re big fans of Noonday Collection who let us look great while giving back! Noonday Collection is a marketplace for amazing jewelry that is hand-crafted by people in developing nations. They provide fair wages that allow them to send their children to school and earn a living on their own. Plus, their pieces are made with super unique materials like artillery shells and pieces of horn. Check it out!

 What conscious companies do you love? Tell us about their mission in the comments!

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