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  • Custom Baby Headbands - Inspired By This

    Custom Baby Headbands

    Dressing up your little one is so much fun, right? That’s why when Melody from Sweet and Saucy Shop told us about her sister’s customized baby headbands, we were in love!! When Melody was pregnant with her little baby Blake, she was on the search for cute headbands, but didn’t have a cute selection to pick from. Instead, she had Sara craft all sorts of headbands and her collection grew from there!!

    It was hard to choose just one of our favorites, but we are having a giveaway! One lucky winner will receive this cream and pink flower wrap (see first picture)!! All you have to do is leave a note the comment box below with your favorite headband from Sara’s shop and we’ll pick a winner*! :)

    For more information, contact Sara at info@sararaeshop.com!

    *This giveaway has ended. Congrats to our winner, Julie!!

    Be Prepared to Be Inspired…

    YOU could win this cute head piece :)

    “These headbands grow with the child. All the bows, flowers, etc are made on separate clips and then each band has a place to clip the piece on so that it doesn’t touch the child’s head directly and then you can mix and match which pieces you want to go with bands.  This is so great since when you put one bow you and a couple bands you can mix and match and make tons of options for your child’s outfits!” – Melody

    Baby Blake :)


    • Erin

      I love the multi colored ikat twisted turban! So cute :)

      • http://www.beinspiredpr.com Inspired by This Blog

        That’s one of our favorites too, Erin!!

    • http://www.sweetandsaucyshop.com Melody @ Sweet & Saucy SHop

      So excited to see my sister’s beautiful creations up on your blog! I literally am obsessed with them and get stopped daily from people asking me where I get them! Such a great baby shower or Christmas gift!

      • http://www.beinspiredpr.com Inspired by This Blog

        These headbands are so cute Melody! Can’t think of a better gift :) Thank you for sharing!

    • http://www.twitter.com/weddingPR weddingPR

      In love with these adorable + customizable headbands by @sweetnsaucyshop’s crafty sister sister, @sararaeshop!!! http://su.pr/2B7BEj

    • http://www.twitter.com/sweetnsaucyshop sweetnsaucyshop

      So happy to see my sister @sararaeshop’s gorgeous headbands featured on @weddingPR’s site today + a giveaway! http://bit.ly/TXiUag

    • Rachel Lillard

      Love, love, LOVE her stuff! My favorite is the twisted turban. Such classy stuff for a baby girl!

    • http://www.itsde-lovely.com Candice

      I <3 the Brightly Colored Ikat Print Bow with Interchangeable Mint Glitter Band – yes please! Definitely needing some fun and adorable head gear for my 3 month old daughter!

    • http://jenniferfawbush.blogspot.com Jennifer

      the magenta felt rose is gorgeous

    • Aly

      I love the Multi-Colored Ikat Twisted Turban

    • Nicole

      I love the pale peach double ruffle bow headband!! too cute!!!

    • http://www.twitter.com/weddingPR weddingPR

      YAY! RT @sweetnsaucyshop: my sister @sararaeshop’s gorgeous headbands featured on @weddingPR’s site today + a giveaway! http://bit.ly/TXiUag

    • Chrsitna

      I love, love, love the coral fabric flower headband. It’s just so beautiful! It’s soft, dainty yet oh so gorgeous! The embroidered center is the perfect touch! So adorable!

    • http://www.girlintheredshoes.com/ julie

      These are SO cute! Each headband is so gorgeous! And the models are adorable too! I love the black and white chevron twisted turban!

    • Marie T.

      OMG cute!! They’re all so pretty :)

    • http://www.beinspiredpr.com weddingPR

      No tricks + all TREATS! Win this headband for your little one.. more info on the blog! cc @sweetnsaucyshop @sararaeshop http://instagram.com/p/Rc_7IMwkmS/

    • http://www.twitter.com/weddingprlisl weddingPRlisl

      WIN a custom headband by @sararaeshop for your little nugget! They are so cute, don’t miss out!!! http://www.inspiredbythis.com/2012/10/inspired-by-these-custom-headbands/

    • Ashley

      I love headbands and have been looking everywhere to find a cute one for my cousins new baby girl!

    • Chrsitna

      Has a winner been selected? I would absolutely love this for my daughter.

    • http://checkthishappening.blogspot.in Vivek Bhatt

      i was just browsing for new images regarding baby headbands and i must say that these are really gorgeous. I also run a blog promoting the headbands from amazon.com but i must admit that such beautiful ones are not available there.

    • http://www.polkadotsquaredesign.etsy.com Ashley @ PolkaDot Square

      Very cute!!