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Nov 17, 2017

How to Keep Kids Healthy in Fall & Winter

When you have kids, the cold weather automatically becomes synonymous with germs and colds! Rather than holding up in your home to avoid the germs, we’ve put together some of our tried and true ways to keep kids healthy in fall and winter. We hope they will help your little ones stay at their best all season long!

How to Keep Kids Healthy in Winter

1. Hand Sanitizer – kids are known for touching everrrrrything. So we don’t leave the house without a bottle of hand santizer. We use it on our kids’ hands, our hands, shopping carts, railings – anywhere and everywhere there may be germs! While hand sanitizer is not substitute for hand washing, it comes in handy when hand washing isn’t always an option.We love the spray from Honest and the foam from Babyganics best.

2. Staying Home – we know, we know… you can’t be hermits all winter. But we find staying home and laying low when you suspect the start of a cold or a bug is the best way to nip it in the bud. Keep you kid well-rested, ensure they get a good nap (if they’re still nappers) and encourage them to drink as many fluids as possible.

3. Tea – most adults brew a fresh cup of tea when feeling a tickle in their throat, and we’ve found it works just as well with kiddos! Choice Tea offers some great Wellness teas to aid in battle germs. Our favorites are Throat Cozy and Breathing Space. Brew it as normal and let it cool before putting it in a sippy cup. Add a bit of honey and our little ones drink it right up!

4. Nutrition – If you’re anything like our families – when one person gets sick, it’s the domino effect – we all end up with it. Because so much of immune system support starts with the foods you eat, it’s important to be prepared with nutritious foods when cooking is the last thing you want to do. In these times, we turn to our favorite brands for a little help – Plum Organics, Pumpkin Tree and  Ella’s Kitchen.

Their lines of pouches and crackers have kept our families full and well nourished. Plum Organics also just launched a line of baby bowls – our new favorite go to’s!

We want to know your tips for keeping kids healthy too! Share them in the comments below!

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