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Apr 28, 2020

All the Spring Cleaning tips you have searched for

Ahhh spring cleaning, a tale as old as time. If you are stuck at home, which let’s face it – that’s almost everyone, then there are no excuses for you to not make the most of your extra time by deep cleaning the house. So our team put our heads together to gather all the spring cleaning tips you have searched for.

Photo by Magdalena Studios

Use a Sticky-note System

Assign yourself 1 task each day during the week that you want to accomplish. I like to put a sticky note on the refrigerator to remind me what my task is that day! I’m not allowed to remove the sticky note until the task is complete. This week, my tasks were to wash and fold laundry, vacuum/mop, and clean the baseboards in my apartment. 1 task each day makes your to-do list feel so much more manageable!

Take it One Task at a Time

Choose 1 habit to focus on each week for a cleaner home. If you always end up with a pile of dishes in the sink, try doing dishes as you use them every day for a week. If your shoes always end up scattered around your home, focus on putting them away every time for 1 week. Chances are, you’ll find that the solution is easier than it seems and you’ll stick with it!

Start from Top to Bottom

For example, you don’t want to vacuum your floors and then dust your ceiling fan, because when some of the dust inevitably falls to the floor, you’ll just have to vacuum again!

Don’t forget the Little Things

Use this time to also handle “non-cleaning” tasks, such as changing out your alarm batteries, air filters, and water filters.

Photo by @organized_home

Polish Metal with Lemon

If you have chrome or stainless steel in your kitchen, keep it shiny and smelling fresh using a mixture of lemon with a small amount salt or baking soda. Using half a lemon, sprinkle it with salt, then use it as a scouring pad to polish metal. Give it a rinse in warm water and buff it with a soft cloth, and it’ll look good as a new! 

Turn Clothes into Cleaning Cloths 

If you’re adding your closet to the list of spaces you are cleaning out, set aside t-shirts and other items you can cut up and use as cleaning cloths. This is an eco-friendly option, and is more effective than using disposable paper towels, as it also reduces waste being sent to the landfill.

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