Our Favorite Trader Joes Beauty Products

We know, we know, another Trader Joes post. But this one’s different! We’re so used to roaming the grocery aisles of our local TJ’s with so much joy (as to be expected) that we forget that they have an entire Trader Joes beauty products section. Of course, just like everything else under their roof, the products are super affordable and have cleaner ingredients than most of the alternatives at the same price point. Here are just a few of our can’t-live-without items that are always on our list!

Trader Joes Beauty Products
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Trader Joes Beauty Products:

Trader Joes Beauty Products

Rose Oil Hand Cream

Not going to lie, we went straight for this product as soon as it hit the shelves solely for the reason of its packaging was too good not to. We snagged a couple for gifts, and of course one to stick in our own purse. It makes for the perfect, easy to grab moisture solution for your hands during this flu-season where we’re all going ham on the handwashing.

Trader Joes Beauty Products

Lemon Grass Coconut Body Oil

Oil that doesn’t make your skin oily? It’s a real thing! We love to slather this everywhere after the shower in replacement of lotion for that ultra moisturized skin that won’t leave behind any kind of sticky residue. Plus, it smells amazing!

Trader Joes Beauty Products

Makeup Remover Towelettes

Our typical go-to makeup wipes run for around at least $8-9, so this pack of 20 for $4 is just a steal in itself. We can get away with using one to take off foundation, eyeliner, and mascara, which means it’s great to have a few of these laying around! One in your gym bag for a post-workout wipe down and one in your beauty cabinet for a quick makeup removal before you continue on with your nightly skincare routine.

Trader Joes Beauty Products

Super Lemon Room Spritz

It’s like an essential oil diffuser in a cheap $1.99 bottle! Lemon is known to be refreshing, energizing and uplifting scent so this is our favorite to do a quick spritz around the room after you wake you up to get you ready to take on the day ahead.

Trader Joes Beauty Products

Ultra Hydrating Gel Moisturizer

We love us a good gel moisturizer as it sometimes feels like it’s not too heavy on the skin and can be worn at night or during the day as a base to your makeup. Until TJ’s launched it’s own, we had no problem shelling out the big bucks for a particular name-brand gel moisturizer. This one compares flawlessly at nearly 1/5th of the price tag!

Trader Joes Beauty Products

Hyaluronic Moisture Boost Serum

Oh, the holy grail of modern moisturizing. The buzz word “hyaluronic acid” has been everywhere these days and it’s for good reason. We work so hard to boost our skin’s moisture, that it’s important to also lock it in. We love to apply this after cleansing, followed by a generous application of your favorite moisturizer. Luminous summer is right around the corner! PS a hyaluronic serum from those name brands that we all know and love can typically range from $100-$200, wowzas.

Trader Joes Beauty Products

Hand Sanitizer Spray

It should go without saying that this is necessary for traveling, dining out, within your office, basically anywhere in public. It’s easy to throw in your bag for those days that you’re on-the-go and touching everything in site, and also contains aloe & vitamin E, so won’t leaving your skin feel dry and yucky.

Trader Joes Beauty Products

Rose Water Facial Toner

This is currently sitting right in front of me on my desk as I type this. We love to spritz this needed throughout the day for a quick refresher, or really any time you need a moment of calm. Also is super gentle so ideal to stick in your carry on for in-the-air hydrating as well.

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