7 Mindset Shifts That Will Give You the Luck of the Irish

Ready to make March your luckiest month yet? Switch up your mindset and implement some new ways of thinking and routines to boost your headspace, productivity, and overall wellbeing. Here are seven mindset shifts that you’ll swear as your good luck charm!

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1. Start writing down your goals

Writing down your goals helps create a vision in your mind of how you want to be in the future. You can visually see the goal and understand the difference it will make in your life. When we see something clearly, it creates change in how we act as we have clarity and direction.

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2. Create healthy boundaries

Setting healthy boundaries for yourself is critical for healthy relationships, increasing self-esteem, reducing stress, and more. Learn when to say no and prioritize your needs.

3.Say no to gossip

When a thought comes into your head and you want to gossip, ask yourself first, “Is this kind? Will this contribute positively to the conversation? If this person were here right now, would they want me to say this?”

4. Find what motivates you

Waking up every morning excited about your day is rooted in chasing what you are passionate about. Find activities, ideas, and beliefs that motivate you and let them be your guide.

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5. View food as fuel

Shift your mindset from labeling food as “bad” and recognize what foods are good fuel for your body. Your body needs healthy, nourishing food to keep going every day so you can be your best self!

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6. Get organized

Being organized reduces stress, increases productivity, saves time, improves your health and well-being, boosts self-confidence, and more!

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7. Get your body moving

Getting those endorphins flowing instantly reduces pain, stress, boosts mood and brain function. You don’t have to become a daily runner to gain these benefits —try stretching, yoga, taking a walk around the block, or whatever method you love to get your body moving.

Did you try out any of these mindset shifts? Let us know in the comments which ones helped you most!

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