At A Peak Yosemite Surprise Proposal

We’ve all dreamed of that moment when we are finally asked one of the most important questions of our lives. However, those dreams also come with a lot of questions of their own. When will it be? Where will it be? Who will it be? And anything in-between. In this stunning Yosemite surprise proposal, Katelyn finally got to have all of those questions answered. A photo shoot she set up herself became a day she will never forget. Those mountains are surely high, but the feeling these two felt is a peak that even those mountains can’t reach.

Photographer of this beautiful Yosemite surprise proposal, Tiffany Longeway, tells us all about how it came to light,

When James was ready to pop the question he contacted me regarding a surprise proposal. He knew Katelyn wanted the moment photographed. The problem, she knew it was coming. So, together we devised a plan to trick Katelyn into believing the photo shoot was her idea. She wouldn’t think it was coming since it was her idea. For months prior Katelyn had responded to every model call I had posted. Therefore, we decided that I would post a fake model call at James’ proposal location of choice. Yosemite National Park.

The day finally arrives, and Katelyn went into hair and makeup fully believing she and James were just playing “model for the day”. We started the session as normal, and I had them set up for a pose where Katelyn’s back was to James, and she waited for him to scoop her up from behind. Instead, he took a knee. The moment was so magical! “Yes,” she whimpered through her happy tears. “You tricked me,” she laughed. We spent the rest of the session reliving in the moment of pure joy. I can’t wait to capture their wedding next spring.

We will never be over the beauty that was captured at this Yosemite surprise proposal. Looking for even more inspiration as you delve into the world of proposals? Check out these Trending Engagement Rings We Are Loving!

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