The Perfect Wedding Inspiration for an Enneagram 9w1

If we had to choose a wedding that made us crave cake, perhaps a different world of living it would be this one! This perfect wedding inspiration isn’t made just for the dreamers out there. It has gorgeous elements everyone can appreciate! The planner of this shoot, Amo Creative described the shoot as nefelibata. Which means, (n.) lit. “cloud-walker”; one who lives in the clouds. We could not have said it better ourselves!

Amo Creative shares a behind the scenes look at the shoot,

This shoot is described as, nefelibata – (n.) lit. “cloud-walker”; one who lives in the clouds of their own imagination or dreams. One who does not obey the convention of society, literature, or art. The perfect look to bring out your inner child. They wanted to create something magical, something a little girl would have dreamed of having for her big day. 

So many brides started to lose that magic in their wedding this year. So, why not inspire them by something their 10-year-old self would have thought of. This took place at the beautiful Neo Venue, situated in Wellington, South Africa. This setting is between the magical mountains and wine lands, which personally I feel is the perfect backdrop to any wedding. 
Goeters gave us the perfect touches of candy floss with the furniture and tabletop items, perfectly paired with the stationery designs by Fleur Design studioNo wedding will be complete without flowers and Danè Verwey pulled out all the stops to create something different and memorable. They let me think of the ancient Japanese style of ikebana arrangements. The feathers were the perfect touch for that whimsical feeling. 
The model was dressed by Janita Toerien, showing that you can have the princess dress or something more modern and minimal and it all works in this look perfectly. Cecilia Fourie completed this look perfectly with her hair and makeup choices. To end off the perfect day you need to have cake and Crumb Cakes truly won us won with her Coconut & lime cake, with raspberry-filled macarons. All captured by the amazing Jane Ulla Photography.


Did you find this perfect wedding inspiration as inspiring as we did? Let us know in the comments!

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