Pink & Neutral Vintage Wedding with Handmade Details

If this wedding weren’t sweet enough, the bride’s recollection of the day is!! She shares everything from the planning process to the moment she woke up on the day of. The couple’s pink and neutral vintage wedding is full of handmade details, which goes to show just how loved they are! Family and friends of the bride and groom helped with everything from DIY projects leading up to the big day to setting up on the very morning. When it all came together, the sun shone brightly on every element, almost as bright as the newlyweds themselves!

Photographer, Brooke Michelle says, This wedding was one of those weddings that as a professional you look forward to for months and count down every single day! These two are some of the most in love people I have ever met, and their friends and family just made the day 10x better! The bride (also a wedding hair stylist) is one of the craftiest people you’ll ever meet! She designed and planned every element of her day! From having her family create the alter out of an old swing set and macrame, to hand lettering each and every sign at her day. She even hand made every name card and seating chart! The details and time Kennedy put into her and JD’s day was unreal! I feel like my words can never do their story enough justice so I ask Kennedy to write a little blurb from her perspective!

From the bride:

“Im really not sure where to begin with this one haha. Your wedding day is something you always dream of as a little girl I think. You always have a general idea of how you want it to be or what you envision it to look like. Although, it was pretty pointless for me because I probably changed my mind on a thousand things up until the week of the wedding (my poor mom).

We planned our wedding in just shy of 9 months and I cant lie and say that it was always super fun and not stressful. There were times where I felt a little overwhelmed with how much needed to be done and I felt like my brain was being pulled in so many different directions. One minute I would be picking out songs for our music list and the next minute I would be reminded of what napkins I still needed to order. It was a very crazy experience because of all the different emotions that came along with planning it, but looking back, I wouldn’t change a single thing. Every happy or sad tear, every hand cramp from writing on all the signs, every drop of sweat, every ruined t-shirt from cleaning the venue or furniture, or every late night researching the littlest of things was worth the beautiful outcome.

Honestly, I owe the entire world to my family and friends who helped make Jd and I’s day all that it was. There was so much hard work, love and support behind us on that wedding day and it wouldn’t have been half as possible without them. They deserve the utmost credit and thanks.

On Saturday morning I remember waking up around 6am to a very quiet house. All of my bridesmaids were sound asleep and it was just me that was awake. Im pretty sure it was my nerves that woke me and I knew I wouldn’t be able to fall back asleep. So, I got up, went downstairs and prayed. I prayed that the Lord would help settle my nerves and thoughts about having a “perfect” wedding and that He would give me peace and a calm mind so that I could enjoy this day that I knew would fly by. After praying, I decided to go outside, alone, and walk around to take it all in. I went out with my pajamas on and a sweater, walked around the venue, started to place some things where I knew I wanted them and all the while, I sang. I know this sounds crazy but there is a song that says “you’re a good good father. It’s who you are, it’s who you are” and while simply singing that one line, every bit of nervousness or anxiety left me. I was completely peaceful and for the first time in a couple days I was calm and was able to just soak in all that was about to happen that day.

I was so thankful for that alone time with the Lord because I knew once people started to arrive, although full of the desire to help, it would get a little hectic. I cannot express the gratitude I have for every single person that helped set up Saturday morning. I am a sucker for detail so I had lots that needed to be set up and every single person that came early that morning was so eager and joyful to help. Whether it was putting linens on the tables, arranging the place settings, or running around placing chairs where they needed to be, they did it without complaining. After most set up was done, I hung out with my girls and got my hair and makeup done. And from that point on time seemed to fly!

It was bittersweet at how fast time was flying because I couldn’t wait to see Jd and everything come together, but I also wanted to be able to take it all in and not miss anything. I remember shaking as I was getting ready to walk down the aisle, but as soon as I rounded the corner and saw Jd, everyone else was a blur. It was like we were the only two people there. I felt so calm walking to him. As soon as my hands touched his it was all I could do not to cry again. Every once in a while he would squeeze my hands a little harder and to me that just melted my heart. And when he looked at me, I swear he had never looked at me like that before in his life. I felt so safe and loved more in those moments than I ever have. Its truly an indescribable feeling.

Some of my favorite parts of the ceremony were our own written vows and the 10 things we loved about each other. I honestly want to reread what Jd wrote to me every single day. I’m pretty sure all he said was “Kennedy” when reading his vows and I began to cry. There is something about someone writing to you that hits you to your core. Although the rest of the evening did go by way too fast, I made some of the best memories and shook my booty way too hard with the greatest people I know! Jd and I felt so incredibly loved and supported. We can look or think back to September 9th, 2017 when we are 80 years old and smile because to us, it was the most wonderful, perfect day.”

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