Fake Out Photoshoot Proposal from How He Asked

We’re suckers for a good proposal over here – the romance, the creativity, we love it all! We chatted with Stacy Tasman, founder of How He Asked, the site that lets us read all about proposals all the time, and heard her favorite parts of these special moments! This particular proposal is one for the books; during a photo shoot planned by the bride-to-be Lannette, her boyfriend Cain dropped to one knee and asked her to marry him! What a perfect ploy planned by Cain along with the photographer to shock Lannette and spark tears of joy in her eyes (and all of us watching!). Grab your tissues, here’s “how he asked”!

Lannette and Cain: The Proposal from Rewind Documentaries on Vimeo.

When and why was How He Asked started?

I started HowHeAsked.com in September 2011. It was shortly after a dear friend’s (now) husband asked me to be a part of his proposal. The idea was foreign to me but sounded well worth the 7 hour flight to Florida from where I lived at the time – San Francisco. At the beach we grew up on, and in front of all her friend’s and family, I watched my friend teeter between tears and smiles and shortly after, I found myself doing the same. It was the most beautiful moment I’ve ever been lucky enough to be a part of.

When I got back to San Francisco, I got the same question over and over and continued to tell the heartwarming story of “how he asked” to people who didn’t even know this friend of mine. In discovering how amazing these stories are to tell, I started the site as a very fun side project. Two and half years later, my full-time job has become sharing the best moment of many peoples’ lives.


What is your favorite part of the proposals?

I see hundreds of proposals every month and my favorite part is always the look on the girl’s face when she figures out what’s going on. Before the one knee shot, before the “will you marry me”, before the downpour of tears – I love seeing the jaw drop, the confused-and-ecstatic look, the hand over the mouth. That part is always when I lose it myself.


Why is this proposal one of your favorites?

I love how clever Cain was in setting up the proposal — since Lanette thought she was the one planning the photoshoot with photographers Bobbi + Mike, she never guessed that Cain was working behind the scenes to surprise her in the middle of it. My second favorite part was the “cue” that the photographers and Cain decided to use. “Now I want you to whisper in her ear all the reasons you love her.”


What would be your biggest advice to someone gearing up to propose?

I always advise people to integrate the tiny, but most meaningful, details of their uniqueness together into the proposal. These details are, of course, different from couple to couple, so it is always hard to give a catch-all piece of advice. What I can undeniably advise, however, is the importance of making it a complete surprise. Do not let her sniff out any clues, do not make her think it’s happening any day now, even if you’ve bought the ring together – tell her you have a work event the night you’re going to propose. A big surprise makes for the best emotions always.


Photos by: Bobbi + Mike
Video by: Rewind Documentaries




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