New York Meets Palm Beach for a Modern Wedding

The bride and groom, originally from Florida, have always loved the modern New York vibe, which certainly made its appearance throughout their wedding day. We love the timeless, modern, and elegant yet edgy atmosphere portrayed in this venue. There is something so appealing about a ‘colorless’ wedding. In our opinion, it illustrates elegance and romance, which is exactly what this couple envisioned for their day. Without a doubt, the bride and groom, along with their team of vendors, succeeded in the unique “New York meets Palm Beach” edginess for this special day!

Insight from the bride,

“I’m not big on color so I knew the basis of the wedding would be heavy on black and white. To tie in the Florida greenery and the fact our venue was overlooking the water, we wanted to go heavy on greenery with our florals. This is where the green accent color came into play. We based any green accents off of John’s jacket.

We knew we wanted a venue space that captured the Florida vibe with a touch of tropical, yet was cool, modern, and edgy loft. After researching many different venues in the south Florida area, all were absolutely gorgeous, but none captured our attention. We happened to see The Ben had just re-opened and planned to go tour the venue soon after seeing it. It also was the first and only venue we looked at in person. That night, while having a nightcap at the bar, we decided that this was definitely our perfect venue!”

A few highlights from the wedding,

“My mom gifted me a pin for my bouquet. It was made out of these beautiful opal earrings that her grandmother gifted her. It was nice to have a piece of family with me there.

John had so much fun picking out every aspect of his jacket, including our wedding date embroidered under his collar. There is so much focus on the bride’s attire, why not have fun with the groom’s?

I was really hesitant to do a first look. I live for the moment the bride walks down the aisle and the groom sees his forever love, but I am SO glad we did. The day was spent around so many people and the time during our first look was amazing to just breathe and take a moment together before everything began. Reading our vows in private was amazing, it just made our first look even more special.”

We are in love with the “New York meets Palm Beach” vibe from this wedding. Want to see more black and white with subtle greenery? Check out this blog post for more inspiration!

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