Modern, Fun, Backyard Wedding

I am a big fan of intimate weddings. I love that a bride and groom only chooses to celebrate with a small group of the most important people in their lives in this modern, fun, backyard wedding. Laura and Haoqi’s wedding was such a sweet wedding, with the reception held at her parents backyard! I also love her overgrown bouquet and the amazing dessert table… and who doesn’t like confetti!

Here’s what photographer Rachel Thurston said about this wedding:

This was one of the most intimate and thought-filled weddings I have ever photographed. Only the closest friends and family were there to witness their exchange of vows. Although Haoqi spoke his vows like he had painstakingly scripted them months before…when the ceremony ended he opened up the notebook he was “reading” to show blank pages. I guess when you really believe the words you are saying you don’t need a cheat sheet. They are such a sweet couple. Kind and deliberate with their gestures and words with each other. They may both be attending Harvard but are really just kids at heart. Their playfulness and creativity showed by handcrafting games for their guests to play before dinner.

Take a look below to see more of this super fun wedding and thanks so much to Rachel Thurston for sending this over!


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