Inspired by These Overgrown Wedding Bouquets

Peonies, ranunculus and succulents, OH MY! No matter the types of flowers, we love full, overflowing overgrown wedding bouquets of blooms and greenery. Long gone are the days of tiny, compact bouquets! Overgrown bouquets are one of the biggest trends we see for brides getting married this spring and summer, when the weather is perfect for outdoor weddings. It’s so much fun to play with different textures and colors to create beauty and natural drama for your wedding day flowers. Some of our favorite types of flowers that play up larger bouquets are dahlias, peonies, lavender, eucalyptus, ranunculus and succulents. Taking flowers that are diverse in shape and size is a wonderful way to design a unique bouquet that will be more than memorable after your wedding day!

Be Prepared to Be Inspired…

Photo by Leo Patrone

Photo by Harwell Photography, Flowers by Amy Osaba

Photo by Jen Huang, Flowers by Poppies and Posies

Photo by Jessica Claire, Flowers by OC Prop Girl

Photo by Jill Thomas

Photo by Jose Villa via Snippet and Ink, bouquet by Flowerwild

Photo by Ken Kienow, flowers by Panacea Flowers

Photo by Lane Dittoe

Photo by Eric Kelley, Flowers by Beehive Events


0 responses to “Inspired by These Overgrown Wedding Bouquets

  1. FINALLY!! I am loving this. I am so excited to be free and creative with my bridal bouquets again. This style is so much for fun. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Love these luscious bouquets they are all so beautiful. Why is there no credit for the designers (since the post IS about the flowers) and only credit to the photographers? As designers we see this all the time and it drives us crazy!

  3. Gorgeous photos and stunning bouquets. I agree with the comments above! Give some credit to whoever designed these spectacular bouquets!!!!!

  4. These bouquets are beautiful. Who are the designers of these bouquets? Photographers do a great job capturing all this beautiful work, designers should be given credit too so we can take note of them.

  5. Great job floral designers! I recognize the work of Poppies and Posies- theirs is the lovely bouquet photographed by Jen Huang.

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