Inspired by these Mothers Day Wedding Heirlooms

Where would we all be without our mothers? They bring us into this world and center their life around giving us everything we need as we grow up. I’ve learned how to be a better woman and wife just from having an amazing mom in my life. Mother’s Day might designate one specific day to show our appreciation to that special woman, but we know any day of the year can be a good time too! And what better day is there than your wedding day! I’ve found some very special photos on Loverly with Mothers Day wedding heirloom inspiration on how to seamlessly integrate tiny details or family heirlooms to pay homage to your mommy! Whether it be lace from your mother’s wedding dress used as a handkerchief or her broach pinned to your bouquet’s wrap, there are many ways to share how much she means to you on your big day!

I’m keeping my mom in my thoughts and prayers, I’m so thankful that she is still with us! And another Happy Mother’s day to the best Mother-in-Law in the world Ann Lewis! Love you both!

Be Prepared to Be Inspired…

{Your mom’s Wedding Gown} Photo by Jessica Watson via Inspired by This

{Mother’s Hankie} Photo by Ulmer Studios via Wedding Chicks

{Mother’s Embroidery} Via Grey Likes

{Your mom’s China} Photo by Elizabeth Messina via Kiss the Groom

{Vintage Wedding Gown} Photo by Angela Anderson via Inspired by This

{Grandmother’s and Grandfather’s Lockets and Old Photos} Photo by Anna Rozenblat via Inspired by This

{Grandmother’s Vintage Silverware} Photo by Beaux Arts Photography via Santa Barbara Chic

{Mother’s Garter and Jewelry} Photo by Beaux Arts Photography via Santa Barbara Chic

{Grandmother’s perfume bottle} Photo by Beaux Arts Photography via Santa Barbara Chic

{Vintage Wedding Gown} Photo by Kate Harrison via Snippet and Ink

{Old family photos of your mom and her vintage locket} Photo by Kyle Hale via Inspired by This

{Mother’s Cake Topper} Photo by Jagger Photo via Inspired by This

{mother’s Toasting Glasses} Photo by Katie Neal via Wedding Chicks

{Old Family photos including your moms wedding photos} Photo by Jessamyn Harris via Inspired by This

{Mother’s Perfume, Earrings, Necklace and a note to your mom} Photo by Justin and Mary via Heart Love Weddings

{Old family photos and keys} Photo by You Look Nice Today via Snippet and Ink

{A collection of your mother’s and grandmother’s favorite books} Photo by onelove Photography via Inspired by This


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  1. We used many family heirlooms for our daughter’s wedding. Nearly everything had family sentiment. Looking back now, it made it so special and very distinct and personal! Lovely, lovely idea!

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