Inspired by The Classic Bridal Veil

We’ve been really inspired lately by all things classic wedding! Roses, white, sleeves… we love it all! Today we are inspired by the classic bridal veil. Veils have been worn for forever in weddings! It’s practically a wedding day staple! Although we’ve seen a lot of unique wedding headpieces, the classic veil will always be in style! I wore one for my wedding and so did Ashley!

Photo bySimply Bloom

Photo by Leigh Miller

Photo by Wildflowers Photography

Photo by Studio Castillero

Photo by Matthew Morgan

Photo by Leo Patrone

Photo by Leah McCormick

Photo by Jessica Claire

Photo by Lane Dittoe

15 responses to “Inspired by The Classic Bridal Veil

  1. Veils add such a romantic and traditional touch to weddings, but can be so personal as well. Love that they got a shout out on your blog today!

  2. I see a trend toward classic veils too–this season with more opaque fabrics like lightweight organza and light organdy. Wondering if anyone else has noticed tulle has a new rival . . .

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