The Carrie Bradshaw-Approved Guide to New York

You know the saying, New York is “The City that Never Sleeps”, and if that’s the case then that definitely makes two of us! One of our lovely IBT gals got to spend some quality time in New York, and she’s sharing a handful of fun spots to check out next time you make your way to the Big Apple. It was hard to pair down all the sights and bites, but we are certain that what’s in store in this quick guide to New York is so good, even Carrie Bradshaw would approve! This travel guide to New York doesn’t even scratch the surface of all the things you can do in NYC, but we’ve touched on some cool spots that can make a quick trip into the city worth your while.

Central Park

Guide to New York Guide to New York

This sounds crazy, but even just taking a brisk walk is worth the trip to New York! Central Park is the perfect place to people watch, picnic, hide away with a good book, kickstart your workout routine with an easy jog or just simply get some fresh air. This massive park smack dab in the city truly feels like the heart of New York and is absolutely stunning year-round!

Rooftop Bars

Guide to New York Guide to New York

No matter what part of the city in you’re in, you can never miss out on an incredible view. Good thing NYC has some awesome rooftop bars with an array of craft cocktails and specialty wines & beers! If you’re down for a sight for sore eyes and a good drink, here are a few spots to sit, sip and admire the city skyline:

Lower East Side:  Mr. Purple – if you love a fun crowd and elevated bar food, this place is definitely for you.

Chelsea:  Le Bain – what’s better than a 360 view of the New York, and cocktail pitcher to split with all of your friends? We’ll tell you…not much!

Lincoln Square: The Empire Rooftop – unfortunately, Chuck Bass is nowhere to be found, but this place has some of the best wines in town!

Flatiron District:  230 Fifth – so close to The Empire State Building, it seems almost touchable!


The list goes on and on for good food in the city, but if there are 2 foods we could have in the city if it was our last day on earth, it would be babkas from Breads Bakery & dim sum from Nom Wah!


Guide to New York

New York in its entirety is a work of art, but this city is home to some of the most iconic exhibits in the world! From the MET Museum to the Guggenheim, this is the best place to brush up on some history & culture!

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