The 7 Most Stunning Scenic Drives in the US

The coronavirus has effected so many aspects of our lives, just as we are sure it had done the same for you. One activity that we particularly miss is the ability to travel and explore new places. Who’s with us on this? So, what are we meant to do if we have the travel bug but don’t feel comfortable getting on an airplane just yet?! Easy, it’s time for a road trip! Today on the blog we are sharing the 7 most stunning scenic drives in the US. So no matter where you reside, we know you will find an option that’s close to you to explore in a more pandemic-safe way. We are featuring everything from beautiful ocean views to scenic drives lined with blossoming trees. Have we sparked your interest yet?

.01 – Big Sur, California

Photo by Honestly WTF

.02 – Overseas Highway, Florida

Image by Conde Nast Traveler

.03 – Road To Hana, Hawaii

Image via Royce Bair

.04 – Coastal Highway 1, Maine

Image via Wolf Cove Inn

.05 – The Trail Ridge Road, Colorado

Image via Steve Bower

.06 – Spring Road, New Jersey

Photo via Andrew Kazmierski

.07 – US 101, Oregon

Image via Helena Bradbury

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