Upcoming Holiday Trip? Here’s Your Guide to Winter Packing

Do you have an upcoming trip and the thought of packing terrifies you? No need to worry, packing can be stressful. We totally understand. That’s why on the blog today, we came up with our guide to winter packing. It’s safe to say that after these tips, you’ll have this in the bag… literally!

01. Roll your clothes

Image via @shegoesthedistance

The days of throwing clothes in your suitcase and hoping for the best are over. When it comes to winter packing, the clothes tend to be thicker and denser than any other season. This is where the rolling technique comes in. By tightly rolling your clothes and placing them snuggly together, you can create a huge amount of space in your suitcase. Trust us, if you’re not already using the rolling technique, it’s a game-changer.

02. Travel Size Everything

Image via @wheremichelagoes

This may be common sense already, but there is no reason you should bring large sizes of any product when there is a travel size option. Not only does it make it lighter, but there is a smaller chance of a big mess. Everyone hates when their shampoo leaks out of the bottle and onto their clothes. By purchasing travel size products and containers, you’ll avoid this travesty.

03. Plan Your Outfits Ahead Of Time

Image via @nataliezacek

On vacation, it’s important to make a plan. In order to avoid over-packing, plan out your outfits ahead. You can bring a couple of backup pieces, but overall you should know what you’ll be wearing. This way, you’ll have what you need and won’t waste room with things you won’t even use.

04. Don’t Pack Extras

Image via @champagneandchanel

Similar to our last tip, don’t throw in extra and unnecessary items. Make a list of what you’ll be doing on your trip and think of what products you’ll realistically use. There is nothing worse than coming home from a trip and unpacking a suitcase full of things you didn’t even use!

05. Air Compression Bags

Image via @away

If the rolling technique is not your thing, try out air compressing bags. This will flatten your clothes and create space for more items. This is a great investment for longer trips, where you’ll have to pack a lot in your suitcase regardless.

No matter where you’re headed this holiday season, we hope your suitcases are strategically packed and easy to close! Packing can be hard, and winter packing is no different, but our list of tips will surely be a lifesaver.