The Size-Inclusive Shorts We love This Summer

It’s officially shorts season, and for some of us, this is a season we dread. It’s hard to find shorts that fit well and are comfortable for all the fun summer activities we have planned. The pressure of finding a perfect summer short is officially gone, as we have made a list of the best size-inclusive guide to shorts this summer!

Image via Madewell

Ava & Viv: Plus Size Shorts

The Ava & Viv Plus Size Shorts are a summer favorite!They are cute, stylish, and go up to a4XL, which makes short shopping so much easier. Ava& Viv can be found at Target in a large array of colors, making them a statement piece in your wardrobe this summer!

Image via Target

Madewell Fair Trade Line

Denim from Madewell simply never disappoints, it’s stylish, size-inclusive, durable, and most importantly, comfortable! Their sizes range from anXXS to an XXL and come with plenty of styles to choose from, making your short search this summer way easier!

Image via Madewell

Eileen Fisher

One of the hardest things to find when shopping are shorts that are comfortable, and comfort is arguably one of the most important factors when it comes to fashion. Thankfully, Eileen Fisher has comfort and size-inclusivity in mind with theirOrganic Linen Shorts. The best part about these shorts is not only comfort, but they can be easily dressed up or dressed down.

Image via Eileen Fisher

Big Bud Press

We couldn’t make a short guide for summer withoutBig Bud Press. With sizes ranging fromXXS to 7XL, size inclusivity is definitely kept in mind. Not only is size inclusivity a priority with Big Bud Press, but there are also so many options to choose from! From denim to linen to patterned shorts, your fashion game is sure to level up with Big Bud Press this summer!

Image via Big Bud Press


When it comes to denim, it’s easy to say that Everlane has you covered. With a large array of sizes and styles, it’s hard to go wrong! They don’t just have denim either, they have cute linen, patterned, and cotton shorts, ensuring options for all of your summer plans.

Image via Everlane

No matter what your plans for this summer may be, we hope that our guide helps ease your quest for the perfect summer size-inclusive shorts! The search for a short that is cute, comfy, and fits right is now over, and with our guide, you are able to freely enjoy your summer in style!

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