High Protein Snacks You Can Get at Costco

Who doesn’t love Costco? Yes, that was rhetorical. Costco is hands down the best place when it comes to stocking up on favorite groceries (in addition to pillows, Tupperware, and 100 other things we don’t need). With that being said, when you’re trying to eat healthier, it can be overly tempting when there’s a great deal on brownie batter or 2 dozen chocolate chip cookies! To help fight those urges, we reached out to celebrity nutritionist, Cara Clark to help you navigate the aisles for the best options. She is weighing in on the healthy Costco snacks to add to your cart next time you visit this superstore. They are high in protein so they will keep you full and happy. Read on to see what Cara recommends and why should stock up on them …

Healthy Costco Snacks - Inspired by This

1. Kirkland Brand organic hummus, single serve cups (20 pack) – These hummus single serve packs are a great on-the-go option with a handful of colorful veggies on the side! Our favorite pairings are baby carrots and sliced bell pepper.

2. Perfect Bars refrigerated organic protein bars (12 bar variety pack) – These bars are a refrigerated protein bar but they’re also shelf stable up to one week! Perfect for throwing in your bag on the way to the gym or office.

3. Kirkland Brand organic hard boiled eggs – Talk about an easy breakfast! These pre-hard-boiled eggs are no prep and ready to go! We like to pair them with 1/2 cup fresh fruit – the more colors the better!

Healthy Costco Snacks - Inspired by This

4. Universal Bakery Paleo Bars (organic and grain free – 20 count) – Another great bar option for on-the-go days. Bonus, these are Paleo-approved!

5. Rx Bars – Always a fave, we love that Costco carries these in bulk! Each bar has 12g of protein per serving, making them a great option when you need a pick-me-up snack.

What are your favorite healthy Costco snacks? For more of ours, check out this nutritionist-approved Costco grocery list! And for more from Cara, try these healthy fruit smoothie recipes!

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